Sunday, March 18, 2012

He Casts a Spell on Me..

I've been with Murakami's this few days.  Murakami's is hypnotic and spell binding. My friend Nadia influenced me to read this Murakami. 

I'm a discriminating reader but I finally let go those chick-lit novel and turn into Haruki Murakami's for some "maturity". He draws you into a world that is all his, and so full of possibilities and connections that you feel you could grasp them if you reached out. Except you don't, because in Murakami's universe it's easier to stay put and wait than to get actively involved. 

It's about memories and reminiscences, about wishes and alternate realities. This book seems like a jazz symphony to me (I’m kind of clueless about jazz. Is there something like a “jazz symphony?”) It’s smooth, mysterious and leaves you thirsting for more. 

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