Friday, September 30, 2011

Make A Way Pleasee!!!!

Patience isn’t my virtue especially when riding the train. I dare say my skill is at tertiary level. I can jump in and out of the train to get to my destination soonest possible. I’m perfect in making my body fit the size of sardine pack yet I never obstructed the door.

I know how to strolling down to the escalator without letting anyone jump queue. If you were out me to a PhD-level, I’m confident I can cruise through flying colors.

Here the lists of passenger who can make the blood pressure shoot up. Check your score at the end of the piece.

1)   The Chicken-Hearted
These are the passengers who take the whole month to get into the tube, dare not to enter when the sound signal for the door to closed.  Sometimes we are plain impatient. We might approaching too near behind you, take our chance to jump into the tube before the doors are closing hoping you too would jumping in understandingly. 

But you didn’t which make us jump out of the skin and break out in cold sweat. Hello! You stop when the door closed, not when the beeping sounds occur, which means jump in!

2)   The Romantic Passenger
These breeds of passenger are becoming more rampant by the day. I must admit I’m a tad old-fashion when it comes to public display of love and affection. If a typical Malay man, the type who wears sarong tries to kiss me, I would punch and kick him until he resembles pickled mustard. Kissing is okay but more that that is disgusting for eyes view.

I once encounter with a couple who romantically gazing at each other on the tube and whispering away. Slowly, his hand crawled up into her blouse. Did she kick him? No but this girl was high like she was on drug or something. They should learn the simple rule: Get A Room!

3)        The IPod Lover

We know Steve Job had invented so much into this gadget. But why-oh-why must these people turning out the volume so loud? I don’t get it. With so many people around; businessman, secretary, lorry drivers, and fishmongers surely they have all ears to listen to the free songs you play.

Would you mind keeping the song to your own ears? You can go To The Left with Beyonce in your own or Go On The Floor with Jennifer Lopez later, that we refused to have it in our way along the journey. We have one, just like yours in case you didn’t notice.

4)   The Slowcoaches

When everybody is strolling at 50kph or more at the escalator, these guys are wandering around having their own sweet time. They could be doing one of three things - talking on the phone, talking and eating his/her partner tongue or gazing dreamingly into the distance. To avoid from vomiting blood, overtake at the first available opportunity.

5)   Sleeping Beauties
I don’t really have any problem with this kind of passenger except when they have my shoulder to lean on. I’d love to share mine freely but surely you’ve found guilty to drop your saliva at my new dress. DNA proved! Court dismissed.

6)   The Book Worm
I fall into this category. I had to read something in hand before I can sit down comfortably. So in any case I may not please other passenger like never give up my sit to the elders or maternity lady I’m so sorry. The maternity lady will be invisible to me because book always blocking my view. I may act selfish, but mind you, nothing can beat a book. Tap me if you want my sit.
7) The Actor/Actress

They may have several passengers who pretends to sleep or day dreaming because they refuse to relinquish their seat for the elderly, handicapped, or pregnant lady.

8)   The Rush Hour Woe

These kinds of passengers have this insecure feeling of not getting a seat. They rush in, as soon as the doors are open, blocking the pathway of existing passenger.

Check Your Score Now
If you’re irked by:

7-8 Categories – 
The Striker. You need to realise, you and everyone else will get to go where you need to go faster

5-6 Categories – 
You’re a saint. You are neither a devil nor an angel.

   3-4 Categories - 
Mind The Gap!!! You’re typical train passenger.
Better get a grip of you before you’d end up in the hospital for hypertension.

1-2 Categories – 
You’re annoying passenger that makes others vomit blood with your actions.

0 Category – 
You aren’t real!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahmad and Aminah

Running errands with young children tagging along can be hassle.  Whether it’s dashing around to the nearest Sainsbury’s to get some bread or to withdraw money from ATM machines, it’s easier to leave the children at home with books. A winning combination if I may say so.

So on my first day babysitting little Haikal, I find a book to get him by his company and practice his reading. Initially, progress was slow. Our reading session went like this:

“This is Ahmad. This is Aminah”

I yawned. This is going to be a long afternoon.

“Ahmad likes Aminah and Aminah likes Ahmad”

My eyelids started to drop

“Fatimah sits with Aminah at school”

My head nodded off

“Ahmad and Aminah will be going to the farm for tea”

“Kak Aishah, wake up!”

I felt a hand shaking my arm.

“Mm.. We are we now? Okay, you are here now. Lets continue reading”

“There are other children in the tea farm house. They are eating sandwiches”

“Sandwich?? Are you hungry? Let’s go to EAT to eat some sandwich” I suggested for an escape from a dreary boring book.

Then we end up at EAT till late evening drinking espresso and Panini. 

Mission failed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Blog, Your Stories

I still remember, back in 90's I hardly found anybody held a cell phone in their hands. Let alone a blackberry. The only way to communicate by snail mail where the pen-pal were so popular though I wasn't keen to make one (Thank God for email).

 I have my first computer at age 12 with hugeeee desktop and big fatty screen but it gets me off to the moon and half way to venus. I learn to use Microsoft and can't keep my hands off the solitaire game because that is the only thing I know how to use. 

Today, we take it to the whole new level with different medium on the internet. Where you can tell your stories to the world in words, in pictures. 

We are free to blog any subject like road accident we happened by, your daughter's first day at school, or the best food in town. What people get to know is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, they never seem to be an end to the number of hypocrite in this word, what more in blogging. 

These can be those who disguise themselves under some nick with "fiendish intention". Leaving nasty comment on other people blog by insulting them. Why? Jealousy. Because they can't get enough attention for their blog and put their guilt to these popular blog. And they claim it's only words online. 

I feel bad watching this happen in this blogging world. We should cooperate with each other I suppose. Not to let your negativity to throw nasty words to them. I'm proudly trumpet that a blog is used for writing purpose. If people love your blog, it's fine but if they don't thats their problem.

To all bloggers, be cool and be strong. Just do what you love to do. Don't cry if you only get a few comments than you're expected. It's simply a process for you to learn how to improve. It is your story and it is your blog. Be free to write whatever you want. 

Till then,
Stay Well

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twenties Girl

Book review time! 

To be honest, I can't keep my hands off this book. Burning all the midnight oil to reached to the last word. Phewwww!!

I laughed with teary eyes, and laugh again. So it's about Lara, a typical Sophie Kinsella character once again. I think this one have the big message to me. Even though a person body get ages, it doesn't mean their mind has. 

I won't spoiled the whole story for you. Now, its time for you to grab it and present to the counter to pay. 

Stay Well

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