Friday, September 30, 2011

Make A Way Pleasee!!!!

Patience isn’t my virtue especially when riding the train. I dare say my skill is at tertiary level. I can jump in and out of the train to get to my destination soonest possible. I’m perfect in making my body fit the size of sardine pack yet I never obstructed the door.

I know how to strolling down to the escalator without letting anyone jump queue. If you were out me to a PhD-level, I’m confident I can cruise through flying colors.

Here the lists of passenger who can make the blood pressure shoot up. Check your score at the end of the piece.

1)   The Chicken-Hearted
These are the passengers who take the whole month to get into the tube, dare not to enter when the sound signal for the door to closed.  Sometimes we are plain impatient. We might approaching too near behind you, take our chance to jump into the tube before the doors are closing hoping you too would jumping in understandingly. 

But you didn’t which make us jump out of the skin and break out in cold sweat. Hello! You stop when the door closed, not when the beeping sounds occur, which means jump in!

2)   The Romantic Passenger
These breeds of passenger are becoming more rampant by the day. I must admit I’m a tad old-fashion when it comes to public display of love and affection. If a typical Malay man, the type who wears sarong tries to kiss me, I would punch and kick him until he resembles pickled mustard. Kissing is okay but more that that is disgusting for eyes view.

I once encounter with a couple who romantically gazing at each other on the tube and whispering away. Slowly, his hand crawled up into her blouse. Did she kick him? No but this girl was high like she was on drug or something. They should learn the simple rule: Get A Room!

3)        The IPod Lover

We know Steve Job had invented so much into this gadget. But why-oh-why must these people turning out the volume so loud? I don’t get it. With so many people around; businessman, secretary, lorry drivers, and fishmongers surely they have all ears to listen to the free songs you play.

Would you mind keeping the song to your own ears? You can go To The Left with Beyonce in your own or Go On The Floor with Jennifer Lopez later, that we refused to have it in our way along the journey. We have one, just like yours in case you didn’t notice.

4)   The Slowcoaches

When everybody is strolling at 50kph or more at the escalator, these guys are wandering around having their own sweet time. They could be doing one of three things - talking on the phone, talking and eating his/her partner tongue or gazing dreamingly into the distance. To avoid from vomiting blood, overtake at the first available opportunity.

5)   Sleeping Beauties
I don’t really have any problem with this kind of passenger except when they have my shoulder to lean on. I’d love to share mine freely but surely you’ve found guilty to drop your saliva at my new dress. DNA proved! Court dismissed.

6)   The Book Worm
I fall into this category. I had to read something in hand before I can sit down comfortably. So in any case I may not please other passenger like never give up my sit to the elders or maternity lady I’m so sorry. The maternity lady will be invisible to me because book always blocking my view. I may act selfish, but mind you, nothing can beat a book. Tap me if you want my sit.
7) The Actor/Actress

They may have several passengers who pretends to sleep or day dreaming because they refuse to relinquish their seat for the elderly, handicapped, or pregnant lady.

8)   The Rush Hour Woe

These kinds of passengers have this insecure feeling of not getting a seat. They rush in, as soon as the doors are open, blocking the pathway of existing passenger.

Check Your Score Now
If you’re irked by:

7-8 Categories – 
The Striker. You need to realise, you and everyone else will get to go where you need to go faster

5-6 Categories – 
You’re a saint. You are neither a devil nor an angel.

   3-4 Categories - 
Mind The Gap!!! You’re typical train passenger.
Better get a grip of you before you’d end up in the hospital for hypertension.

1-2 Categories – 
You’re annoying passenger that makes others vomit blood with your actions.

0 Category – 
You aren’t real!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahmad and Aminah

Running errands with young children tagging along can be hassle.  Whether it’s dashing around to the nearest Sainsbury’s to get some bread or to withdraw money from ATM machines, it’s easier to leave the children at home with books. A winning combination if I may say so.

So on my first day babysitting little Haikal, I find a book to get him by his company and practice his reading. Initially, progress was slow. Our reading session went like this:

“This is Ahmad. This is Aminah”

I yawned. This is going to be a long afternoon.

“Ahmad likes Aminah and Aminah likes Ahmad”

My eyelids started to drop

“Fatimah sits with Aminah at school”

My head nodded off

“Ahmad and Aminah will be going to the farm for tea”

“Kak Aishah, wake up!”

I felt a hand shaking my arm.

“Mm.. We are we now? Okay, you are here now. Lets continue reading”

“There are other children in the tea farm house. They are eating sandwiches”

“Sandwich?? Are you hungry? Let’s go to EAT to eat some sandwich” I suggested for an escape from a dreary boring book.

Then we end up at EAT till late evening drinking espresso and Panini. 

Mission failed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Blog, Your Stories

I still remember, back in 90's I hardly found anybody held a cell phone in their hands. Let alone a blackberry. The only way to communicate by snail mail where the pen-pal were so popular though I wasn't keen to make one (Thank God for email).

 I have my first computer at age 12 with hugeeee desktop and big fatty screen but it gets me off to the moon and half way to venus. I learn to use Microsoft and can't keep my hands off the solitaire game because that is the only thing I know how to use. 

Today, we take it to the whole new level with different medium on the internet. Where you can tell your stories to the world in words, in pictures. 

We are free to blog any subject like road accident we happened by, your daughter's first day at school, or the best food in town. What people get to know is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, they never seem to be an end to the number of hypocrite in this word, what more in blogging. 

These can be those who disguise themselves under some nick with "fiendish intention". Leaving nasty comment on other people blog by insulting them. Why? Jealousy. Because they can't get enough attention for their blog and put their guilt to these popular blog. And they claim it's only words online. 

I feel bad watching this happen in this blogging world. We should cooperate with each other I suppose. Not to let your negativity to throw nasty words to them. I'm proudly trumpet that a blog is used for writing purpose. If people love your blog, it's fine but if they don't thats their problem.

To all bloggers, be cool and be strong. Just do what you love to do. Don't cry if you only get a few comments than you're expected. It's simply a process for you to learn how to improve. It is your story and it is your blog. Be free to write whatever you want. 

Till then,
Stay Well

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twenties Girl

Book review time! 

To be honest, I can't keep my hands off this book. Burning all the midnight oil to reached to the last word. Phewwww!!

I laughed with teary eyes, and laugh again. So it's about Lara, a typical Sophie Kinsella character once again. I think this one have the big message to me. Even though a person body get ages, it doesn't mean their mind has. 

I won't spoiled the whole story for you. Now, its time for you to grab it and present to the counter to pay. 

Stay Well

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Malaysia

Bless to all Malaysian, I'm greeting from London. 

If you often travel with Malaysia Airlines boeing 747, this video will play on your screen before touched down. I feel proud watching this video among all the mat salleh in my flight from London to KL. It get my nerves when I heard the Londoners ordering nasi lemak instead of steak to the stewardess. 

So here is my greeting for you, MY Malaysia. 

Dear Malaysia,
Today is your 54th birthday. I'm so proud to be Malaysian and I'm sure all Malaysian feel the same way too. Everywhere I go the world recognized you. You're so famous to the world. I still remember when I'm in Paris buying souvenirs, the souvenirs guy approach me and asked me if I am a Malay. I say yes and he says "Singapore,Malaysia, or Indonesia?" Proudly I say "Malaysia". As if your name is a mantra or something, this guy is magically give me discount. Maybe it is just the marketing strategy, but I know that I'm more than proud to carry your name with me. I never try to used your name to get any discount. I swear!

Dear Malaysia,
Do you know a lot of foreigners do speak in Malay? The word "Terima kasih" is famous as "Bonjour" in Paris. To be honest with you, I'll be more patriotic while I'm abroad compared when I was home. Don't get me wronged, I will always be patriotic everywhere I go even though I sometimes reply the "Terima Kasih" with "Welcome". Well, its supposed to be "Sama-sama"

Dear Malaysia,
After all these years, I realize many Malaysian had take you for granted sometimes (including me). Many young generation didn't know how to appreciate you. We didn't know how they struggle to get the independence. But one thing for sure, we will never let go of this independence we have, as much as we can't let go the 3-in-the morning-Roti-Canai at mamak stall. We will never give up. Don't worry.  

Dear Malaysia,
I just want you to know we, Malaysian are very friendly. Not only among us, but among others as well.  Everywhere I go, every time I encounter with other Malaysian they never failed to greet me. I know they  always make their way to the Malaysian Hall whenever they miss YOU. Many malaysian despite of races gather here just to eat our homemade dishes. Chinese, Indian and Malay are very well unite. We always wear a smile on our face. We even smile when we get to the court for divorce cases. 

Dear Malaysia,
The most proudest thing that really get into my nerves is to see our very own Jalur Gemilang flying high at Trafalgar Square. As I stare, I get this an overwhelming feeling inside me. Something that can make my eyes teary. Then I know and I realized just how much I love you. We wouldn't want to have so many obese people like in western countries. Full of alcohol, partying, and fast food. Because we are proud to ourselves. Wa are unique in our own way. 

Wish you a very Happy 54th of Independence. 
*hugs and kisses*

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Eid

Happy Eid to everyone. I'm greeting from London *loser*. 

Hope you guys make a lot of money during Raya and consumed lots of rendang and ketupat.

Maaf Zahir & Batin

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hail A Cab

Back in London days, hailing a taxi won't give you such a heart attack. Just hold out your hand when you see the black cab is coming, get in, and the driver will drive you wherever you to the place. Professional? Yes. Challenging? No

Things are slightly different here in Malaysia. Held a taxi but you cant be sure they will stop. If they do, they will ask your location. If they like, they will drive you. If they don't, wait for another half an hour to get another taxi. They will be more demanding on price when you sounds desperate. 

Ordering a taxi by phone call will be more challenging. I once ordering a taxi from my place to KL Sentral. After all the "" musical sound over the line for quite a moment, the operator ask me "How may I help you" after I said my location and she ask me to hold on, the "" music when through my ear again. 

Another ten minutes gone by, the operator ask me the same question over again. I answered her the same answer. Ask me to hold on and the "ne.." music when through my ear. This process going on for another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of waiting, she gets me to the line only to tell me there's no cab available at the moment.
Challenging? Yes. Will it ever get me bored? NO. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Packing Tale

Packing is simply being organize and staying calm and deciding what exactly I need to take. And then fitting it all neatly into my suitcase. Just how hard can that be? 

I found an article about a woman who bring only one pair of jeans for her ten days vacation to Europe. 
Simple. Just mixed and match your tops. Work on one outfit and stick to that.

So there goes my list of things to bring: 
 One pair of jeans is enough but what if someone pour a coffee over my only-one-pair-of-jeans? 
So No! I have to bring two pair. Anyway jeans hardly take off any space of my luggage. Do they?


So let's see. Plain white is a 'must' obviously. Grey, ditto! Pink sleeveless, black cropped. But, how am I going to predict which T-shirt I'm going to wear?  It depends on my mood. So I decide to bring all my T-shirts. 

Ok, what's next? 

I've already pack up my leggings and my denim jacket. I can't count on August weather. At the moment its hot and sunny but who knows if it's going to be snow? So I bring my knee high boots. 

This is remind me on my camping trip back in high school.

Sometimes I hope my clothes can organized  themselves. Easy to say Aisha. The truth is, I can't do it. I just can't pack my suitcase like a pro!

What I don't understand is how other people manage to pack so lightly. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Get Triple

One of the best thing about KL is you get really close to the shopping mall. In fact, sone of the sales girl being like friends. I'm not trying to boast, but I know I make them happy when I buy something. I honestly make them feel different to their life.

So I went to MAC booth the other day to get myself a new eyeliner. They are too blinking nice and made me even wanna buy the whole store but I didn't. I feel bad so I decide to buy three eyeliner on the dot. 

One is MAC Gel Eyeliner,
Second, MAC liquid eyeliner
Third, MAC Shimmery Eyeliner. (My favourite)

I swear to you, MAC had invention the best eyeliner ever. It never smudges even when you're sweating. It is so easy to apply and lasts me until I take it off with make up remover. I have tried other liquid eyeliner but I must stick to this one. This stuff is amazing. It's fabbo. No kidding.

It's just that I gone broke for the whole month again. My advice is, you don't have to buy three eyeliners at one dot. One tube will lasts forever.  I probably read Control Your Cash by David E. Barton from now on. I wait for you to laugh or at least you can give me a sympathetic smile.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad Karma

Do you know when they say a bad karma will hit your face if you done something bad? Well, it happen to me today. I spent all of the time in front of my laptop. I didn't cook, I didn't watch tv, I didn't go out. Who need to go out if you can see the entire world with your tiny screen?? 

So, this morning I went to the back yard of my house and found ulat (worm) inside and outside the dustbin.
Yes. I had worm inside my dustbin.







I didn't take the picture because you don't dare to look. It's gross. So time for revenge!!!
I took the mosquitoes spray and spray to them. No avail. I think they even say "look at this fool, a mosquitoes spray?? We are immune to that" *sing happily*

Next,  I pour the hot water to them and I can tell their body were shrinking become fat but still, that aren't the best revenge after all. By this time they probably say " Wohooooo.... how does she thinks she can kill us by pouring the hot water? We rocking it out beybeh!!" 

Feel disappointed, I finally give up. Pull over the dustbin and throw it out at the garbage outside my house. End of story. But not after I can't remove the stain and the smell that left on my dustbin. Another story begins. I wash it out with soap but the smell is still there so I decides to use my Calvin Klein Perfume  and spray it on my dustbin. Genius! Thank God for whoever invent on perfume. Mr Calvin Klein should be proud. ^___^

Ok. Time for wash my hands. I'm a dirty girl. But don't judge me wrong. I have this super cool Hands Scrub from Crabtree & Evelyn. It scrub away all dirties and make me clean once again. After all the dirty job I did, I deserved a hand therapy.  It keeps your hand smooth and moist. 

With affordable price, I think you would in love with this product. Happy Hands, Happy Life.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jet Lag

Do you know I'm in the UK and try to keeping up as late as I can?

Do you know when you travel a long distance, you'll be powerless by this phenomenon?

Do you know you'll get fuzzy, tired and fatigued due to a time zone change?

Do you  will wake up at 2 a.m, and wasn't ready to wake up  but knew you couldn't fall asleep?

Do you know you will rolled over and ask "Is it morning?" to your family members?

Do you know there's no interesting program air on the TV at 5a.m in the morning and you'll feel like a zombie started typing a few thoughts about jet lag on your computer?

Left Out

Sis went away again, this time for longer, and of course I miss her.  Hooray!! No one can disturb me. 
I get excited. I gave up all my disciplinary and turn my day unproductively. I do need a break. Eat.Sleep. Eat. Sleep. 
Day and night and again day and night until there's nothing left in my life. 

On the second day, I try the other way around. TV.Sleep.TV. Sleep. I watched Keeping Up with Kardashian for countless time. So aside of asking God why he doing this to me, I finally try to catch with my life. Living alone for the rest of the week isn't fun at all. Trust me. 

Third day, comforting myself with books and scribble some words on my note pad. 

Try to BBM Yasmin.

No reply. Thanks.

Finally, I sent this a text to my dad in Malaysia. 

Me: London is so gloomy

Dad: It's all bright and sunny over here. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cocktails For Three

I just finish the last word from Sophie Kinsella book, Cocktail For Three. This book is a lot of different from any other Sophie Kinsella books as she writes as Madeleine Wickham (her true name).  She's very intelligent author with so many ideas running out of her brain. So when I spotted this book while browsing and noticed the note of who she was, I snapped it up. 

Basically, it's about three smart, and successful great friends meet for cocktail and gossip once a month. The theme of the book is secrets and how we hide it them from our closest friend. I like the message she gives on how to avoid crises before it bottled up. 

Overall, I rate it 8 out 10. So enough of review. 

Stay Well

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sick Leave

I've been in bed, booo hoooo! I have this really bad cold (due to unpredictable London's weather) and couldn't go out which is quite fun, not having to do anything and just lying on my bed. It's just that I feel too woozy. Like my head was full of fog and my hand all sh-sh-shivery and it gets sh-sh-shaky, like a g-g-ghost. 

So here's the book I get to finish up during my sick days at home. I'm going to blog you this series of book reviews.. Be warned!!!!

I will write a proper entry soon. 

Love and Kisses

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ziarah Raya Blog

Wish a Selamat Hari Raya to all bloggers in Ziarah Raya Blog.  Maaf Zahir & Batin.

I'll be celebrating Raya in London with unfriendly London mood. *___*
So no ketupat, no rendang, and no cholesterol heaven food. 

Have a blast with family and good food while I'm cuddling  and crying in my duvet here in gloomy rainy London Day. But really, do enjoy your day and don't worry with this depressed girl. 
No, really. Have a blast Raya.

My Phuket Trip-Part 2

Before I blab on, just one advice for those who planning to go.
Always wearing a flat and long sleeves shirt because the sun here will angrily burn your skin. Unless if you wanna get tan. But I doubt many asians do.

I love being in Phuket but man.... the pollution. Aside from that, I really love this place. The city is quite exotic. 

I didn't come back from Phuket with loads of luggage.  I also bring extra fat I consumed in Phuket. I can't handle it. I just love eating in Phuket. The food is awesome and it is cholesterol heaven!! 


I went to Sherphaluck Orchid. The place where they produce and selling Cashew. I can't be bother to enter because the line was too long. So I settled for picture outside. 

There are many shops in this area which mostly sales beach wear. 

Halal food is easy to find. There's a lot of Lebanese restaurant floating everywhere. Some Tom Yam restaurant has Halal signage. 

I'm almost drool by their Tom Yam. You had to taste the Tom yam before you leave. If you have been there, you'd agree with me. If you don't you have to go one day.

I'm leaving for London in a few days. So it will be more post to come. Be warned! 
Just for now, I need to get back to sleep baybeh!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Godfather-"I'll make him an offer He can not refuse"

Hey, guess what? I got a chance to watch The Godfather one more time. It was airing on TV. Don't go thinking I'm a loser watching an old movies. No way! Watching an old movies doesn't sound dumb, its sounds fabbo. 

Mainly is about Al-Pacino *drooling* as the college-educated son who take over his mafia family business.   Yet The Godfather is not that simple. There's a "Point" which has been made somehow more ambitious and interesting in the film. After all the terrifying, within their isolation there's such a sense of love and honor, no matter how bizarre. It plays havoc of emotions as the sweet things of life as marriage, baptism, family feast become an extricable part of the background. 

Bottom Line: It's nothing personal about this Mafias, just their way of doing business is what made their life "interesting".

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's yours

I just feeling so unmotivated and I could never bring myself to write for something great. So I decide to snap a picture of what I have in my handbag. *Boring*

A woman is judge by what she carries IN her handbag. Excuse for the lipsticks lah ok? I really have no idea why I carry a bundle of lipstick everywhere. I feel bad not bring them with me as if a bad karma will happen to me if I didn't. Like if someone wants to harass me on the road I can throw them with these bunch of lipstick I had. Ok. Moving on..  

So what do you have inside your handbag?

Good Wisdom To Share From A Forwarded Email

When I woke up this morning lying in bed,  I  was  asking  myself,

What are some of the secrets of success in life?
I found the answer right there, in my very room.

The Fan said             - Be Cool

The Ceiling said       - Aim High

The Window said     - See the World
The Clock said          - Every second is Precious
The Mirror said         - Reflect before you Act
The Calendar said     - Be up To Date
The Door said            - Push hard for your Goals

I added ,
My Wife said - I LOVE YOU and so I Reciprocated.
The Weighing machine said - Watch your diet
The Bed said - Get up , don't be lazy and sleep too late 



Carry a Heart that Never Hates.

Carry a Smile that Never Fades. 
Carry a tongue that never hurts. 
Carry a Touch that Never Hurts.


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