Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Blog, Your Stories

I still remember, back in 90's I hardly found anybody held a cell phone in their hands. Let alone a blackberry. The only way to communicate by snail mail where the pen-pal were so popular though I wasn't keen to make one (Thank God for email).

 I have my first computer at age 12 with hugeeee desktop and big fatty screen but it gets me off to the moon and half way to venus. I learn to use Microsoft and can't keep my hands off the solitaire game because that is the only thing I know how to use. 

Today, we take it to the whole new level with different medium on the internet. Where you can tell your stories to the world in words, in pictures. 

We are free to blog any subject like road accident we happened by, your daughter's first day at school, or the best food in town. What people get to know is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, they never seem to be an end to the number of hypocrite in this word, what more in blogging. 

These can be those who disguise themselves under some nick with "fiendish intention". Leaving nasty comment on other people blog by insulting them. Why? Jealousy. Because they can't get enough attention for their blog and put their guilt to these popular blog. And they claim it's only words online. 

I feel bad watching this happen in this blogging world. We should cooperate with each other I suppose. Not to let your negativity to throw nasty words to them. I'm proudly trumpet that a blog is used for writing purpose. If people love your blog, it's fine but if they don't thats their problem.

To all bloggers, be cool and be strong. Just do what you love to do. Don't cry if you only get a few comments than you're expected. It's simply a process for you to learn how to improve. It is your story and it is your blog. Be free to write whatever you want. 

Till then,
Stay Well

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