Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jom Turun!

I was riding on the Big Bus Tour in London, and suddenly saw this Malaysian Restaurant near Trafalgar Square, “Jom Makan”.

I was so proud to introduce it to my friend.

Me:   ni lah malaysian restaurant tu. *proudly*

Friend: owh ye ke? (not interested)

Me: Here, You can find the “orang putih” eat our nasi lemak and satay. 

Friend: Taknak lah! Belum homesick lagi.. Tak kan kat London nak makan nasi lemak jugak kot! Ntah pape.

Me: Baru sampai sini dua hari dah lupa daratan ke?

Friend: Tak lah.. Tapi kat MAS lounge haritu kan dah makan Nasi Lemak ! Belum rindu Malaysia lagi. Kat Msia makan nasi lemak, kat london pun nak makan nasi lemak jugak ke? Tak "feel" lah!

Me: Hmm...Whatevahh! 

Suddenly, The Big Bus slowly move

Me: Alamak! Bus ni dah nak jalan lah

Friend: Dah, Jom turun, jom turun! (sounds grumpy)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Day and My Long Distance Birthday Celebration

This post is contributed to all my friends

Happy My Day!!! This video was created by my Three Little Angle Angel (Nisa,Cent, Kay) whom I loved.. *Puke*

My babes are awesome and they really made my day..

Thanks girls. I watched this video over and over again. Your effort melts my heart.

Not to forget to my friends who wished me on my Fb. Until now, my tangan sakit for  replying non stop to you. But its worth it! 

These special people really made my day.

See, who needs thousands of friends on facebook to be popular? I only have few on fb but they are great friends ever! 

We need friends to complete our life and cherish the memories together. 

You guys rawk!!

May you lead a happy life ahead. All of YOU..

P/s: Whoever I did not say thank you yet, I'm sorry but just want to let you know that you're appreciated! 


Dear Jessy,

Tell me where do you get your hair done

Where can I find the same (cheaper) flats 

Ah, and those glasses! 



Why Paris??

During this trip I was:

Having bad hair day



Sooo ugly

My top reason (s):

I have to wake up early (at 4.30 a.m) because the driver is waiting at 6 a.m

Unfortunately, I overslept so I wasn't able to get myself a nice outfit.

Blame the wind for messy hair.

The driver took us to King Cross station where we have to continue our journey by Eurostar heading to Paris.

Jadore Paris
The journey was awesome

This city give me some feelings to fall in love right here and there!

Christian Dior

Ritz Hotel
I'm in love with the Eiffel Tower. A great iron structure!

Messy Hair
 Level 2 of the Eiffel. 
( Nampak macam under construction building)

Chanel behind me
 The River Cruise.  There are so many romantic restaurant along the river. *sigh*

Louis Vuitton Paris

So why do I have to be in Paris (The World Fashion City) in my ugly day??

Pissed off!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Earth Hour and Silly Me

I started to celebrate The Earth Hour two years ago. I was eager to be part of Malaysian who concern about the environment and was very excited to take part. I switched off the lights, TV, and left only the refrigerator. Two years later (26 March 2010), I grew older,wiser and totally changed. Suddenly this thought came across my mind. 

Hmmm, why do I need to do this? Do we have to do so? Do I really concern about the environment?

Later that day, I saw on Wawa's BBM status, "Tak payah lah nak earth  hour sangat!" Hahaha at least I'm not alone and I don't feel that bad. Then I asked her, 

Me: "Wa, perlu ke nak celebrate earth hour? "
Wawa: Tak perlu kot. Aku hisap rokok, asap rokok aku tu polution jugak
Me: Hrmm... Exzos kete aku keluar kan asap jugak.

So when my family members asked to switch off the lights, I refused. 

Reason: What?? Lights off?? Err, nanti hantu datang! How???

My point here is, do we only care bout our earth for only an hour  a year or do we really care bout our earth for every second of our lives?

Way to Harrods

I love to shop in Harrods and I'm not considering myself snob or high class. I go for 
shopping experience. Normally, I used to take the Circle Line from Bayswater Station, and change to Piccadilly Line heading to Knightsbridge.

But in one of those freezing days, I was trying to challenge myself to make a "better" approach.

I took a bike near Hyde Park and cycling down my way to Harrods. Classy!

It was bright and sunny day but still breezy and all the species of dogs gather here to poop! Even though I must admit they are adorable, I still phobia of having them chasing me around. It takes a lot more effort to make my way to Harrods than I usually did.

I need to swipe my Credit Card to pay for the fees, get the code to pull out the bike, and burn my fat cycling around the Hyde Park. Normally, I'd just tap my Oyster card and happily running down chasing the tube.
Now, I had to cross the Hyde Park to get to the other entrance, so as I was cycling down, I amazed by the beau of it. The Lake, swans, the Londoners and even the trees melt my heart.This is such a new experience to me,its more than usual since I put extra effort on myself. If I went to Harrods using the train, I wouldn't appreciate the nature. I couldn't feel amaze by the beauty of it.

To take pictures of this amaze seems impossible to me since I was busy balancing my body and barely touch my feet on the ground to stop by because of my nerves. The dogs are really freaking me out! I really have a serious problem with them.

Finally, I made it! Park the bike, walk down to Knightsbridge, walk into Harrods,cam whoring in the rest room, claimed VAT, taking a sip of cuppucino at Ca'puccino, and went broke for the rest of the week.

I fall in love with Chloe fragrance since I was here.
We normally want what we can't have and do something extraordinary just to challenge ourselves to make us feel proud. It is human nature. Many thanks to the Mayor of London for having a wonderful ideas about cycling around the city.

Too much time wasting in the rest room
Thinking of cycling to Selfridges through the hustle of the Oxford Street? Better not!


Socrates thought you felt pleasure from objects that were intrinsically beautiful. He found pleasure in simple geometric shapes, single colors, and musical notes. Plato, however, believed that beauty was an ingredient property within things. Relative beauty exists only in comparison to ugly things. Plato thought that beauty was defined by a property of the whole object.

As described in Plato's Philebus, the measure of beauty was structured and related to intelligence.
And this is how my dearest friend Yasmin defines beauty " When you walk beside the beast, the beauty speak itself!!!" =D

She's gorgeous. Isn't she?

To me, beauty is the abstract thought of what appeals to you ( I don't mean sexually). Beauty is not one opinion shared by a whole. A woman who is comfortable in her skin and cannot be made to feel bad about herself is 
strongly Beautiful!

So when it comes to saying something is beautiful should we as a person only rely on what our eyes to say? I believe we have lost of the real understanding and focused on beauty from one sence (visual)
Faith can turn anything beautiful. We shouldn't be influence by media which is designing beauty for humans in any way designer like. More, we should care the beauty of our hearts.

This is not about skinny versus fat nor XS versus XXL,for beauty first and foremost comes from the heart. A blind person cannot use their eyes to see, so they need to use their ears and hands to see the beauty.

For me there is no such thing as ugly because I believe that God would never create anything ugly. Ugliness is in the soul as well. . I find girls who can be the most attractive on the outside can be dumb morally and therefore are ugly. A girl who has morals and values is much more attractive then any fake barbie.

That is a hard question to answer. It basically depends on how we define the word ugly because if you think about it, we all view ugly as being various types of things. Not everyone has the same idea on what is ugly. What one person thinks is ugly another person might think is not. Basically it is just like how we view the old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", except replace beauty with ugly. I hope this makes sense.


Every Arsenal fan bitterly disappointed. We reached the top and it’s the chance to win a TROPHY!!!
However, luck still doesn’t smile to us. After years of waiting, now we’ll be waiting again. Judging from the game, I’m questioning myself. Is this arsenal standard of play?? The keeper only have one mistake, he’s very young. The team members need to show they are mentally strong. (Such pity for Febregas)

Maybe Wenger failed to motivate the players enough. We played as if we just need to turn up and the trophy will be handed to us because we are Arsenal. The Birm guys wanted it and they gave their all.

Defensive blunder is on the path of everyone and therefore the team is not to blame but I know we are better than most teams.

Well, it’s just a game and nobody’s perfect. Still keep the faith. No matter what, tomorrow is the day to rise up our head and fight. FA is not easy and the Champ League also not easy side.

It was traumatic night after all. No fans believes today lose is like a dream, but we are steel gunners.

Virtual or Real

Can we judge people by their status on FB or what are they truly is in the real life? Personally, I think FB is a medium for us to show 10% of who actually we are. Its like a quarter of an iceberg!
Let me put this way, we (including me) only show the good things about us and nothing negative. We are much hotter on FB than in real life (No offense). I have never seen anyone profile say "I screamed at the other driver on the road, I act dramatic over every little things, I break up with my bf because I'm irritating," and etc. NEVER!
Do we really have over a 1000 friends in our real life or are they really the one that we can count on to when we need them? Pro, we have fake feeling of being popular. Cons, they can steal our pictures and check what we are doing.
Honestly, I do not keep in touch with every single person of my friend list in my everyday life.I have only four friends that I kept to be a shoulders for me to cry on, to cheer me up, to keep me going, to tell me what is right when I do wrong.

To me, the quantity should not be any issues. What I want is their qualities to be my friend, to be apart of my life. I do not want too many friends to be popular.
Arrogant........ Nope,
Keep private and low.........Yes!

We lost our privacy in FB, we forgot how good it feels to be alone, we no longer be mysterious, we become a person we no longer knew.
Now, don't get me wrong. FB is like any other modern technology. It has the same function as text messaging that can connect us together. To some extent,I think FB can be fit into our life but our life cannot be fit into FB.

"The and That" Day

A few days ago, my someone special asked me out to celebrate 'the' day together and all I've done was asking him to not celebrate it with me. Reason, I am a Muslim and I shouldn't celebrate 'that' day. A friend of mine say" We Muslims need to be careful when choosing to follow certain things/celebration/cultures, especially when we think its just innocent fun when it actually could be rooted to paganism. We usually follow without thinking and spending just a wee bit of time to research on it". So I decide to move on with my life until 'the' day arrived.

I was perfectly confident and still stick to my decision to not celebrating it. Suddenly, I feel left out longing for love whilst others are celebrating (well, I'm just human). Yes, the life is tempting to be reminded from time to time... Something cross my mind, we truly need a special day to remind us to love and to be loved despite of any religion sensitivity. We should have a day, or any day to celebrate the breed of love.
As Niesa describe it here , we should have a LOVE day or HUMAN Day to celebrate the love. Love is a prize from God for us to keep the peace and ease among humans. In that case, we should have Love Day to replace Valentine's Day to celebrate the love without neglecting our own roots and culture.
Who doesn't need love anyways?? =)

Do you wear Brand?

We tend to go for something that every has, or that is very popular to make us "fit" into the society.  My question here today is, do you care more about what brand you buy or what the actually material or price is?
I have a pair of flips flop from LV which I however regret buying it. Not only it costs me a fortune, but I realize it's not worth every penny. First, it looks like ordinary-nothing special flip-flop that we used to wear to go to the Pasar Malam near our house. Second, no one ever notice or seems to care that it is actually made from "that" French brand.

By Louis Vuitton

There's another pair that I seldom wear from Chanel. Because this thingy really hurt on my feet even though the size really fits me.

Although I sometimes go for the brands, but the brands have to look nice and comfortable.Wearing branded clothes will make your life style indeed to the next level. My clothes are not all branded but what matters for me, is that they are clean and really fits me. Looking good to whatever I'm wearing counts more than the brand.

I adore designer labels and their effort to make the design unique. There's different between low-end and high-end clothing. It doesn't matter what we are wearing, the important thing is who we are in what we are wearing because the clothes doesn't make the person, but the person makes the clothes out of it.
So how important are designer labels to you?

Heathrow Terminal Four vs Satellite Terminal KLIA

I'm a loyal MAS passenger. Whenever I travel, MAS will be my first choice.
The reasons why??
(1) I'm a Malaysian
(2) I'm proud to be Malaysian
(3) Because of the following reasons....
I adore MAS Lounge eva!!! The one I'm impressed with is at the Terminal 4,Heathrow London.

Look at this view.. You can just relax and watching the flight take off and landed before your boarding.

The interior really caught my eyes.

If you're rushing to the airport and forget to have a shower, you can freshen up yourself here, doll up with Chanel N0.5  skin care, and smell the Allure before fly..
Plus, the food is delicious... Grab a bite to eat without any charges. =)
The MAS Golden Lounge is available in KLIA as well. Here, I adore the one that are located at the Satellite Terminal.
Currently, KLIA is upgrading the airport and the aero-train is out of service. So, the MAS had arrange a comfortable car to drive you from the main tower to the satellite terminal..
Guess what????? The comfortable car is neither BMW or Benz.. It is Panamera by P.O.R.S.C.H.E..
Look at this interior
Here's the Platinum Suite at the MAS Golden Lounge, Satellite Terminal KLIA
Amazing isn't it?? Too bad this service is available for the Platinum Enrich Member.. *how awful*.
I'm so grateful and lucky since I have a chance to experience this facilities during my traveling.
I hope it can inspire me to work hard in achieving my dreams with both feet still on the ground.
We can be whatever we want to be but whatever we have right now is just a temporary.Its all belongs to God, including ourselves.. =)

The Hampton Court by King Henry VIII

The Hampton Court Palace is the home of King Henry VIII.

The Hampton Court Palace
Awesome isn't it??
I love the amazing views. It's kinda romantic to me. =D

Way to Hampton Court
I felt in love with this place not because of the amazing views but  at the other side of it, Hampton Court is held with so many exotic memories of King Henry VIII.I was wondering who is he at the beginning as I saw a lot of ads about him in London.

King Henry VIII Dressed To Kill
As curious as I am, I was eager to know bout this legendary King of England.
Later I found out He is famously remembered for having six wife (sounds cool) and two of whom he had beheaded (wth??) which helped to make him a cultural icon..


The Kitchen

The wedding celebration

Journey's end
So, King Henry VIII, Rest in Peace....xoxo

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