Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The and That" Day

A few days ago, my someone special asked me out to celebrate 'the' day together and all I've done was asking him to not celebrate it with me. Reason, I am a Muslim and I shouldn't celebrate 'that' day. A friend of mine say" We Muslims need to be careful when choosing to follow certain things/celebration/cultures, especially when we think its just innocent fun when it actually could be rooted to paganism. We usually follow without thinking and spending just a wee bit of time to research on it". So I decide to move on with my life until 'the' day arrived.

I was perfectly confident and still stick to my decision to not celebrating it. Suddenly, I feel left out longing for love whilst others are celebrating (well, I'm just human). Yes, the life is tempting to be reminded from time to time... Something cross my mind, we truly need a special day to remind us to love and to be loved despite of any religion sensitivity. We should have a day, or any day to celebrate the breed of love.
As Niesa describe it here , we should have a LOVE day or HUMAN Day to celebrate the love. Love is a prize from God for us to keep the peace and ease among humans. In that case, we should have Love Day to replace Valentine's Day to celebrate the love without neglecting our own roots and culture.
Who doesn't need love anyways?? =)

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