Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Day and My Long Distance Birthday Celebration

This post is contributed to all my friends

Happy My Day!!! This video was created by my Three Little Angle Angel (Nisa,Cent, Kay) whom I loved.. *Puke*

My babes are awesome and they really made my day..

Thanks girls. I watched this video over and over again. Your effort melts my heart.

Not to forget to my friends who wished me on my Fb. Until now, my tangan sakit for  replying non stop to you. But its worth it! 

These special people really made my day.

See, who needs thousands of friends on facebook to be popular? I only have few on fb but they are great friends ever! 

We need friends to complete our life and cherish the memories together. 

You guys rawk!!

May you lead a happy life ahead. All of YOU..

P/s: Whoever I did not say thank you yet, I'm sorry but just want to let you know that you're appreciated! 

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