Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Way to Harrods

I love to shop in Harrods and I'm not considering myself snob or high class. I go for 
shopping experience. Normally, I used to take the Circle Line from Bayswater Station, and change to Piccadilly Line heading to Knightsbridge.

But in one of those freezing days, I was trying to challenge myself to make a "better" approach.

I took a bike near Hyde Park and cycling down my way to Harrods. Classy!

It was bright and sunny day but still breezy and all the species of dogs gather here to poop! Even though I must admit they are adorable, I still phobia of having them chasing me around. It takes a lot more effort to make my way to Harrods than I usually did.

I need to swipe my Credit Card to pay for the fees, get the code to pull out the bike, and burn my fat cycling around the Hyde Park. Normally, I'd just tap my Oyster card and happily running down chasing the tube.
Now, I had to cross the Hyde Park to get to the other entrance, so as I was cycling down, I amazed by the beau of it. The Lake, swans, the Londoners and even the trees melt my heart.This is such a new experience to me,its more than usual since I put extra effort on myself. If I went to Harrods using the train, I wouldn't appreciate the nature. I couldn't feel amaze by the beauty of it.

To take pictures of this amaze seems impossible to me since I was busy balancing my body and barely touch my feet on the ground to stop by because of my nerves. The dogs are really freaking me out! I really have a serious problem with them.

Finally, I made it! Park the bike, walk down to Knightsbridge, walk into Harrods,cam whoring in the rest room, claimed VAT, taking a sip of cuppucino at Ca'puccino, and went broke for the rest of the week.

I fall in love with Chloe fragrance since I was here.
We normally want what we can't have and do something extraordinary just to challenge ourselves to make us feel proud. It is human nature. Many thanks to the Mayor of London for having a wonderful ideas about cycling around the city.

Too much time wasting in the rest room
Thinking of cycling to Selfridges through the hustle of the Oxford Street? Better not!

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  1. lol...harrods very expensive...i can buy nth inside



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