Thursday, April 28, 2011

He's Taken... I'm Broken

Seeing someone you love marrying someone else is hurting from the inside. *sniff* 

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

So my Prince William is getting married and I only have 12hours more to stop the wedding.  *I kid*

How? Yasmin suggests we fly to London and as soon as we reach, she will convince the Queen.

I asked her what should I put on my back?

"Just wear any  wedding gown that you have." 
Yasmin says she very much sure that she can convinced the Queen so I'll be the next Princess of Wales because The Queen like her very much. 

The Queen wants someone who is unique. Well, I use my bare hand to eat instead of using fork and spoon so I am unique for that reason. 

True! We are unique. YES WE ARE!! All Malaysian are uniques.

Kate seems to look beautiful because we always have that mind set which says Westerners are beautiful for their fair skin. We are beautiful too. We have asian tanned skin that all the mat salleh are dying to have. God, yes! We are hot! 

We are all beautiful inside out so don't hide it with our insecurity. Confident is the key. 

 Now I'm broken and he is taken! 
I should move on because he's no longer what I would call a "hot stuff" 
*chin up*

Life goes on but how long their love can survive?

As long as they have the feeling that won't fade away :)

So Selamat pengantin baru Prince William and Kate!! 
Wishing you to have a great life ahead happily ever after.

Be a good King and Queen in the future. 

Photo courtesy of Google

Psst: Cinderella's fairy-tale-ever-after really work on you Kate. If I were you, I'm sure to bring the Prince to Yun Nam Hair Care. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Financial Term or at least I think so

Reasons I give to my dad, my mom, and my sis when I overspent failed to smuggle in my shopping bags into my room.

Question: Why do you spend all your money for a pair of shoes? You should save your money for your future.
Answer: I know I should spend 20% of my money into savings for my old age instead of buying another pair shoes. However what good is a saving of 20%? By the time I'm old, the world will probably have blown up or something. Whereas a pair of shoes is tangible, it is in MY hand. 

Question: Why do you need Chanel eye brow set when I already bought you from Dior last time? 
Answer: A new eye brow set from Chanel is an investment. In a way it saving money because now I get this, I won't need money to spend on eye brow set for the entire year. I can be as pretty as Audrey Hepburn and err.. that Dior eye brow you bought me is already expired.

Question: You're wasting your money by spending them in things you already have! Why?
Answer:Spending 90 ringgits to buy a new top is worth more than buying a cigarettes.  You know like they say, virtue is its own rewards. In fact, I give ZARA business opportunity. We need to spent a million to get a million. I know my money is working for me out there. 

Question: Why would you spent few hundreds instead of tuck in the bank?
Answer: Shopping is like you investing in stock market.  It help run the economy cycle. Yes, I'm losing some money in a short term but if I simply tuck my money in the bank for years by doing nothing, I will face a greater risk, INFLATION

Question: You already have dozens of perfumes. Do you really need another one?
Answer: Buying more than two perfumes is not wasted. In fact, I can get "pahala" because I always smell nice. People will comfortable sitting next to me so yes, I get more "pahala" buying more perfumes.

Smart answer kan??  *chin up*
I'm the one who should laugh at them.

 Well, not always. By end of the month, I will eat Maggie Mee  to survive and promise myself (again) not to overspent anymore.

Note: Mind your spending smarty pants. You can always give your parent the answers but well,  unexpected disaster like tsunami will threaten your life. Who knows? 

Or maybe we can get insurance cover for our handbags and make ups, can we?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Blacky and Retail Therapy

So yeah, I haven't blog anything for the entire week. Life demands me more than..well, roaming around the town with Cent, Nisa, and Yasmin. 
We arrive at Pavilion at 1 on Sunday, to find the place is full with festivity. I have been thinking to reward myself with a little bit of something.  
The only thing I need to buy is black eye shadow. Yes! I need some. You know just a cheaper black color eye shadow to match with any of my outfit which I always refer as an “investment”.
“Weren’t you talking about expensive eye shadow, from M.A.C?” say Yasmin
“Was I? I don’t remember. Maybe anyway” wandering around looking for a little cubicle spelled M.A.C.
"Should I buy the cheaper one?"

"Depending on what you need" Yasmin always give me the best advice ever! 

This is why I adore her. You know the kind of girlfriend who doesn't say I should think twice before I make a bargain or make me feel guilty after spending a little penny on something.

 She always advice to buy things that I NEED.

I do need M.A.C eye shadow. Every girl needs it! You can blend black with your light green eyeshadow to get dark green so you don't have to buy the dark green eyeshadow all over again.

 See, it is an investment! 

Deserving a black eye shadow from MAC feels like you are earning the entire world!

As the shop assistant say here you go to me, I grab my little blacky (pet name for new eye shadow) and pull Yasmin's hand heading to the fashion show.

I want a new make up bags suddenly pops into my head. Perhaps strictly speaking I didn’t exactly need to buy make up bags. But the point is, I need them.  

Oh god! Does there always have reasons to buy things?

The problem is I have to smuggle in my shopping bag when my sis in the bath. Don’t get the wrong idea here. Its not that I have a problem with her or anything but my sis vet all my spending. She’s very strict anyway. Always quote me on how to have little self control. Sometimes I’m quite scared of her.
 Don’t panic. I can deal with her. I'll find a way. The make up bags is worth everything in my life. I should get it before the seasons end.  

Anyway, retail therapy do keeps my heart happy!

Five things to do when you're out with your best friends

Get your bff pick you up! You're worthy so let them  pick you up and drive you. Cam whoring while she's driving, make her tense when the traffic light goes green while she's still smiling to the camera you held. Result, she has this narrow smile. You'll look hotter!

 What a friend for? Sorry Yasmin for this.

Before leaving, check if there's any important item left in your bff car. In my case, I didn't leave durians inside of Yasmin's car because it will explode. So we decide to finish them right at the moment, at the car park basement. 

Not a good idea but we have this motto "Do not left explosion chemical item in your car". It does make sense, doesn't it?

Go for fashion show. Me, Cent, and Yasmin went to Morgan De Toi. Every girl should go to fashion show once. Who knows we can meet our future hot husband here. We keep oohing and aaahhing at the male models gasping to each other say "He is mine". 

The models are so tall. What a long leg they have! 

Never go out with your best friend with empty stomach. We should reward ourselves after roaming around the place from north to the south.

If you have clueless idea on how to spend time with your buddy, try this. Its a gamble and it's certainly be a challenge!

Go and play kite with them!

It's really a "girlish" stuff you can do. Make sure one of your buddy bring along his boyfriend so in case you get bored flying the kite, you can leave the kite to him. 

Let him fly the kite. He'll be happy because he want to show off his masculine to his girlfriend. 

While Eddie is so tense having to fly the kite,

We camwhoring happily. 

It Balanced!



Monday, April 25, 2011

Airport Madness

You know, the time you spend sitting at the departure gate, staring at the runway, because your airline insisted you get there three hours before your flight.

You know it takes hours to go through all those security checks, to make sure you are not carrying a dangerous weapon like your nail-clipper. 

Or the time you kill between connection flights, or waiting out a delay, or praying for the weather to give you a break.

MAS Lounge

For now sitting at the airport and do the java jive is a bad idea. Coffee is probably the last thing I need in the airport and MAS Lounge provide boring books. 

As I sipping my coffee, my head swiveling from side to side, I feel giddy. How long has it been since I've seen shop? It's been months! 

 Shops after shops after shops. You know, the make-up booth are appearing more frequently at the airport and the air is becoming heavy with expensive scent?

Dior, Lancome, Chanel, and Vic's Secrets.  Who doesn't need a blusher?? Every girl needs it! 

Suddenly my sis put her handbag down and give me a long look.

" I know things are cheaper here but don't go crazy"

" Go crazy? What do you mean?" I say, a little offended

"I know you're going to shopping..."

How does she knows that? Honestly, my sis has such a nerve. How does she know I'm not going to go to the ladies or something? 

"I'm not going to shopping. Do you think I'm going to get excited by a few Dior booth?"

"Frankly, yes!"

Now, my liver turn upside down.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We did five times a day.

It’s compulsory for muslim to pray five times a day. It is a good therapy where we would find peace and clear our mind to focus on nothing else than Allah.

We must khusyu’ (focus) on doing it.

OK. I CAN do this. I CAN focus. Easy-peasy

Simply a matter of letting my higher self take-over for less than ten minutes. Becoming radiant and achieving enlightenment.

No problem. I’m doing this everyday for more than 10 years.

Surreptitiously I adjust myself on the prayer mat, facing the kiblat, and lift up my hand . Reciting a few surah.

I turn my head to the person beside me. She’s on the Mecca image praying mat sitting crossed leg with her right legs on top of her thigh with eyes closed.

Suddenly, Owh.. that boy in my class.. Sitting few raw in front of me. He turn his head and smile. I think he’s cute.

“Clear your mind, Aishah, clear your mind”

“Allahhuakbar” says the Iman.
Obediently, I place my right hand on top of my left.

OK. Clear mind. Focus..

Clear image of Vogue magazine cross my mind. I love their new limited edition make-up palette from M.A.C. Brown eyeshades!! That color suits with any dress. God, Yes! I could even buy the new foundation and that shimmery eye-liner.

Allahhuakbar” he is saying

Right, Breath in.. breath out… Inhale. Exhale..

God, why do they abundant their babies? People had lost their sense of humanity, do they? Where’s the love people? Where’s the love?

Allahhuakbar” he is saying

Why on earth the price of petrol increase? Does the government take any action towards it?

During the Sujud

Opps! I left my hand phone at home. Yasmin should text me by now and Cent must have reply my previous comment on her Facebook status. They are hilarious! (smiling)

The imam reciting the Syahadah
Can’t wait to meet them back in Kl.

“Asssalamualikumwarrahmatullah” turn my head to the right
I want to eat the fried banana right after this

“Assalamualaikumwarrahmatullah” turn my head to the left
And yes! My mom’s chicken rice is tasty. Can’t wait!!!!!

~End of Solat~

Speak to myself ”Oh my God! Why focusing on Solat is hard to achieve???? I committed loads of sin didn’t I? I should repent more”

Psssttt.. Any tips to share??

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My friend Nisa is sooo entertaining. You can't imagine how she will answer response to your question. The script she utter is veery funny. 

Now, I'm gonna ask you something

Would you leave your comment to your friend on her FB wall without a single fullstop? 

You'd be thinking he/she has left some Da Vincci code for you to be revealed.

Nisa will leave a comment on my fb something like this:

"Kay always being care sgt cpat cuak haha cent cyap kata aku tak bayar kete 5 bulan 2 haha"

When I ask her where's your fullstop, she said the "haha" is replacing the fullstop. 


Can you imagine I write something like this

I wanna pee haha I need to go to the toilet now haha can you show me where is it located haha

 She's hilarious!

What would you do if your friend sent you a text say "Tak sempat pergi bank, kereta kena tarik, sob sob"

The first thing had crossed my  mind was " Ok, I need to lend her some money to pay her car debts"

We were in panic attack until we found out later, her car broke down on her way to the bank so the mechanic have to pull her car heading to the nearest workshop. 

See that?? You see that?? She gives us loads of miscommunications but we loooveeee her. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

A tale of Public Toilet

I barely use public toilet in KL let alone in a country that weren't provide the hose thingy. In UK, they only provide disgusting tissue wipes.

Girlie Barbie Hamley's Cubicle

In Beijing, certain public toilet is in very poor condition. Not only they do not provide any tissue wipes, 
they don't even bother to provide the door for every cubicles to cover you up. 

You can watch the person on the opposite cubicle doing the "business" or hear the person next to you sing happily. It was very disgusting moment. Once I step in, I ran out of hell from the toilet. 

As I cursed myself not to use it, in some cases when I couldn't help it, I would drag my feet to one of the cubicles.

One day when 'it' call, I walk myself to Starbucks, in Picadilly Circus, London. 

I would be in Starbucks not only to grab a cup coffee but I will, oh well you know. It provides a convenient toilet. 

So since the toilet here didn't provide the hose, I asked the girl for extra cup to wash 'it' away. 

She gave me her confuse look and asked me mocha or latte? 

I explained, it is for the toilet purpose. 

Well, she didn't get me and asked me again "Mocha or Latte?"

Then I answer " I want extra cup for some hygienic purpose"

She hand me the cup (with her curious look) and I dashed in.  

Harrods's Cubicle

 I don't care what she thought of me. I'm in desperate need.

After that, I sit comfortably sipping my coffee when I saw a couple seat next to me eating each other's tongue.  

I feel my stomach make that nature call again.

Speaking of Commercial Advertisement

I'm more than happy to share this video with you guys

Watched this cool Evian Roller Babies advertisement in London. 

What do you guys think about the video?

The babies are so cute and sooo cool!!

They even have an incredible hulk biceps.

I keep comparing the one we have in Malaysia

We lack to have this kind of quality commercial videos

The only commercial tv ads that always  pay to my respect is Petronas.

Not only it making me smile but the one I could't barely to forget. 

Ok. Enough blabbing.

I could be wrong, of course.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

If I were an Advertiser

If I were an advertiser today, I would:

 Give a free shopping card to all female bloggers

Reward a shopping spree voucher once in a month

Free Birkin Chanel any branded handbags gives way

Change Buffered Earning to increase credit card limits. 

All the above rewards is not only base on unique visit, but it'll be base on how often you spend your time in shopping mall

Ok, I'm lying.

What would you do if you were an advertiser?

“Make Me a Belieber, Tune Talk!”


My to-do-list for today:

1) Ignore Yasmin request to do parfumes review
2) Some Madame Tussaud pics to share to my readers (see, I choose my readers than my best friend)

I went to Madame Tussaud people!!! 

So after a very long queue (poor feet) at the entrance, finally I managed to get in. Its perfect to see them 'alive". Hug them, kiss them ( I loooove this fact), do whatever you want they won't sue you. Trust me!  

These are all my friends I have in London. Its awesome to get reunited with them again. 

Say hello to Robert Patterson.. Haha

 Unfortunately, I discover that Robert Patterson is taller than me. We can't be a perfect match anymore. Sigh. 

Tom Cruise is shorter a bit taller than me and he seems more compatible to be with me, but he has to divorce his wife first.

I love Julia Robert. She's gorgeous isn't she? Ok, stop comparing us!!

Here's my soon to be mother in law. My friend Yasmin will puke on me for this matter.

I hate the fact that Prince William will getting married soon but Prince Harry is getting hootttttterr!. 

 I wanna strike on some cooler pose, but they were so many people there. 

Nothing worth better than meeting your favorite star alive, the one you have to managed to queue up for.

If you have a chance to meet them alive, you'd probably feel the same way I do. 

So what would you do if you have a chance to meet Justin Bieber alive?? 

If I meet him, I would personally invite him for dinner.  I can make a reservation to any "mamak" stall   in KL (probably Pelita) so he can taste our tasty teh tarik. 
*very classy *

So tell me if your dad is Justin Bieber's bodyguard, I can reserve extra sit for him. You know, it's hard to find extra table in Pelita!

Owh yeah, I will invite him to have some pillow talk with me and my besties. I have to get my parents approval first to allowed me to bring JB to my place. They don't know about Justin Bieber and probably wondering where in the world did I meet this blondie boy. 
*better idea is to sneak him in*

And I'm sure to camwhoring with him all day long and post the picture on my Facebook wall, tag your picture in it, blogging it to the whole world!
*I'm showing off*

Uhmm, I'm a true Belieber, aren't I?


So now let's get to some serious talking. If you really want to meet Justin Bieber live, you can follow to this link to participate in JB impersonation contest with Tune Talk and stand a chance to meet him "live".
Now, I leave you guy with some picture of Barrack Obama's new bodyguard. Took this picture at the "White House" today.

Now, I'm a fulltime paparazzi. 

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