Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yasmin and Nuffnang

My friend Yasmin just added nufnang ads on her blog and totally clueless about it. 

She keeps calling me and I keep answering her phone. 

These are the most annoying FAQ's  ever

Yasmin: Can we click to our own ads?

Me: Can not lah

Yasmin: Why?? They (nuffnang) never know!

Me: They can retrieve.

Yasmin:  How? I mean I can click to my own ads without log in to my blog, right?

Me: Can not. They sure can retrieve. Why don't you just play fair?

Yasmin: Oh, so why don't you click to my ads?

Me: emm *speechless*

Yasmin: Can? I can help you to click on your ads as well

Me: But what should I say if they asking me why do I click on the same ads countless time?

Yasmin:  Don't worry, they wouldn't know. Well, in case they found out, just tell them the "Ayam Masak Merah" on the ads looks tempting so you click on it countless time thinking you could get them for free!!!

Me: What the??? Cannot la.. They still can retrieve from your IP address

Yasmin: No shortcut lah *Sigh* 
In that case why don't you use your sis's laptop to click on my ads?

Me: err, somebody is calling me. TTYL!

Note: I just realize what kind of person I'm dealing with and I still lappchu yasmin for that! You simply entertain my life. 

Not-so-annoying face


  1. Haha now u noe how i feel haha

  2. oh gosh! am i this sengal?? eh are you really sure i said this? it's impossible! i can't be that stupid!


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