Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five things to do when you're out with your best friends

Get your bff pick you up! You're worthy so let them  pick you up and drive you. Cam whoring while she's driving, make her tense when the traffic light goes green while she's still smiling to the camera you held. Result, she has this narrow smile. You'll look hotter!

 What a friend for? Sorry Yasmin for this.

Before leaving, check if there's any important item left in your bff car. In my case, I didn't leave durians inside of Yasmin's car because it will explode. So we decide to finish them right at the moment, at the car park basement. 

Not a good idea but we have this motto "Do not left explosion chemical item in your car". It does make sense, doesn't it?

Go for fashion show. Me, Cent, and Yasmin went to Morgan De Toi. Every girl should go to fashion show once. Who knows we can meet our future hot husband here. We keep oohing and aaahhing at the male models gasping to each other say "He is mine". 

The models are so tall. What a long leg they have! 

Never go out with your best friend with empty stomach. We should reward ourselves after roaming around the place from north to the south.

If you have clueless idea on how to spend time with your buddy, try this. Its a gamble and it's certainly be a challenge!

Go and play kite with them!

It's really a "girlish" stuff you can do. Make sure one of your buddy bring along his boyfriend so in case you get bored flying the kite, you can leave the kite to him. 

Let him fly the kite. He'll be happy because he want to show off his masculine to his girlfriend. 

While Eddie is so tense having to fly the kite,

We camwhoring happily. 

It Balanced!




  1. I didn't know that i look so hot in the first picture!

  2. morning to you aisha...glad to read your comment in my blog..damn seriusly surprise..wish i can do it...btw, where is your follower tab...cari tak jumpa la yang..

  3. Hi Intan.. I tak letak follow button.. Maybe I kena letak follow button. Thanks for follwing me on twitter. :D

  4. OMG..u gals are soo comeyls..ehehehe ;) kat slayang kan yang park tu??very2 near to my house..eheheh ;)

  5. plg mahal gi pertunjukan fashion..
    hope le jmpe mr right yer

  6. Cu734ngel: Yup kat selayang.. U live in selayang?
    Khairul: Fashion show tak mhl lah.. Free je.. Mr right tak de Mr wrong yg byk. heheh


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