Monday, April 11, 2011

A tale of Public Toilet

I barely use public toilet in KL let alone in a country that weren't provide the hose thingy. In UK, they only provide disgusting tissue wipes.

Girlie Barbie Hamley's Cubicle

In Beijing, certain public toilet is in very poor condition. Not only they do not provide any tissue wipes, 
they don't even bother to provide the door for every cubicles to cover you up. 

You can watch the person on the opposite cubicle doing the "business" or hear the person next to you sing happily. It was very disgusting moment. Once I step in, I ran out of hell from the toilet. 

As I cursed myself not to use it, in some cases when I couldn't help it, I would drag my feet to one of the cubicles.

One day when 'it' call, I walk myself to Starbucks, in Picadilly Circus, London. 

I would be in Starbucks not only to grab a cup coffee but I will, oh well you know. It provides a convenient toilet. 

So since the toilet here didn't provide the hose, I asked the girl for extra cup to wash 'it' away. 

She gave me her confuse look and asked me mocha or latte? 

I explained, it is for the toilet purpose. 

Well, she didn't get me and asked me again "Mocha or Latte?"

Then I answer " I want extra cup for some hygienic purpose"

She hand me the cup (with her curious look) and I dashed in.  

Harrods's Cubicle

 I don't care what she thought of me. I'm in desperate need.

After that, I sit comfortably sipping my coffee when I saw a couple seat next to me eating each other's tongue.  

I feel my stomach make that nature call again.


  1. that's because ppl don't understand the meaning of cross cultural differences. My hubby been to China a couple of times and he always comes back to tell how smelly the toilets are.

  2. The toilets are very terrible and smelly. We should learn our cultural differences to have better level of sensitivity of others'. Your comment proved that I'm not lying.=D Thanks.

  3.!..around world punye toliet u dah pegi kan...why dont u take picture syg?..hahahaha...

  4. Haha.. U mesti tak nak tengok kalau I betul2 ambik gambar toilet. Esp in Beijing. Terrible dear. =D

  5. Err..when you said you were having a coffee (referring to the last para) did u actually use the same cup that had been used for your hygienic purpose? Hahaha i know you weren't ;p

  6. Thanks apis.. See u more often here

  7. aishah, kelaka oke awak tulis eating each other's tongue..thx tinggalkan jejak la baca blog awak

  8. Thanks dear. Keep coming here and keep updating me with you splendid blog. Blog u lagi best. Im enjoying it. =*


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