Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Blacky and Retail Therapy

So yeah, I haven't blog anything for the entire week. Life demands me more than..well, roaming around the town with Cent, Nisa, and Yasmin. 
We arrive at Pavilion at 1 on Sunday, to find the place is full with festivity. I have been thinking to reward myself with a little bit of something.  
The only thing I need to buy is black eye shadow. Yes! I need some. You know just a cheaper black color eye shadow to match with any of my outfit which I always refer as an “investment”.
“Weren’t you talking about expensive eye shadow, from M.A.C?” say Yasmin
“Was I? I don’t remember. Maybe anyway” wandering around looking for a little cubicle spelled M.A.C.
"Should I buy the cheaper one?"

"Depending on what you need" Yasmin always give me the best advice ever! 

This is why I adore her. You know the kind of girlfriend who doesn't say I should think twice before I make a bargain or make me feel guilty after spending a little penny on something.

 She always advice to buy things that I NEED.

I do need M.A.C eye shadow. Every girl needs it! You can blend black with your light green eyeshadow to get dark green so you don't have to buy the dark green eyeshadow all over again.

 See, it is an investment! 

Deserving a black eye shadow from MAC feels like you are earning the entire world!

As the shop assistant say here you go to me, I grab my little blacky (pet name for new eye shadow) and pull Yasmin's hand heading to the fashion show.

I want a new make up bags suddenly pops into my head. Perhaps strictly speaking I didn’t exactly need to buy make up bags. But the point is, I need them.  

Oh god! Does there always have reasons to buy things?

The problem is I have to smuggle in my shopping bag when my sis in the bath. Don’t get the wrong idea here. Its not that I have a problem with her or anything but my sis vet all my spending. She’s very strict anyway. Always quote me on how to have little self control. Sometimes I’m quite scared of her.
 Don’t panic. I can deal with her. I'll find a way. The make up bags is worth everything in my life. I should get it before the seasons end.  

Anyway, retail therapy do keeps my heart happy!


  1. alahai...lucky u sebab ada kawan yang macam tu..
    btw, bout that makeup, not even buy expensive make-up like MAC sangat la..sebab i pun tak mampu!..ahahaa

  2. I am a good advisor, am i? i knew that long ago. people, get my number from Aishah! i'll be a good advisor to you too.

  3. I pun tak mampu jugak, but I feel giddy whenever I passing by M.A.C. Tak boleh tahan lah.. Nak jugak beli! hehehe

    Yasmin: Yes u're. Tapi utk aku ok lah. Utk org lain, tak sure. :P

  4. haha so lucky to a friend like her ...^^,

  5. Hi emilia. Even lucky if she can pay for my shopping kan? :D

  6. i pon ada eye shadow itam..tp yg murah jer..

  7. Murah ke mahal, yang penting kite nampak cantik. Sama je, org tak tau pun eyeshadow tu brand apa.. kan? :)

  8. darling, i adore mac black eye shadow...BUT u shud try shu uemura...i guess i prefer shu uemura better...their eyeshadow range is the BEST so far....;) but prep & prime mac is the best base ive tried..ehehehe and ive heard that chanel nye loose powder and foundation best jugak..tak try lagik yang tuu..eheheh tak sempat la sbb nak kena juggle the kids,hubby and house chores and shopping seems to be like 2nd last on my list...huhuhuhu :(

  9. Shu uemura? I tak pernah try their product. I more into dior before but dior is too shimery. I heard Lancome pun best jugak sbb MAS Stewardess pakai Lancome. Maybe I should try Shu uemura jugak lepas MAC i habis.

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  11. Thanks for your feedback. Will enhance it in the future. Hope to see you more often here. Thanks! :D

  12. u r so lucky ada kawan macam tu...


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