Monday, April 4, 2011

British National Museum

Call me boring but I love going to historical places. My time spent in London is visiting the Museum.

Just named it, I went to most of them. 

So, one of them is

British National Museum

I arrived early in the morning and was among the earliest visitor of the day. 

As I made my way to the entrance, there's a security guard (pure british) waiting at the entrance to do the minor checking to every visitor. 

He says " Good Morning. Where are you come from?"

Very exotic
I was like "ermm Malaysia"

Him "Oh orang Malaysia? Apa khabar"

Night at the museum??
I was surprised but I said "Fine, thank you!"  

My old friend
 I should reply " Khabar Baik, Terima Kasih"

Silly me!

Charles Darwin
 This is a very hugee museum.

A huuugeee mansion
 Later I found that every museum here is extra large in size.

I love this view

Guess how old the building is?

It's more than 500 years old!!

 I wonder how they build this building over the past 500 years ago

Look at the material they used?


Is there any building in Malaysia older than 500 years?

That we still keep and well maintained?

The last time I went to Putrajaya, I found that the building is under very poor maintenance.

How old the building is ??? Seven years old?

Maybe we are still in development phase (Good excuse)

 It's amazing to think how the British Government can maintain their historical places very well.

A building is a heritage to show how strong the civilization were

And they still doing good until today

Perhaps, this is the reason why they can conquer the world

A patriotisme spirit that we lack to have.

I'm not racist to my own race.

I'm unqualified to criticizes.

I know where I came from

I know my root

I'm just expressing my view. 


  1. cannot finish lah in one day...plan to go again this easter break <<my site

  2. haha.. sure can!Anyway, thanks for the comment. U've made my day. Hope to see you more often here.


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