Thursday, April 14, 2011

We did five times a day.

It’s compulsory for muslim to pray five times a day. It is a good therapy where we would find peace and clear our mind to focus on nothing else than Allah.

We must khusyu’ (focus) on doing it.

OK. I CAN do this. I CAN focus. Easy-peasy

Simply a matter of letting my higher self take-over for less than ten minutes. Becoming radiant and achieving enlightenment.

No problem. I’m doing this everyday for more than 10 years.

Surreptitiously I adjust myself on the prayer mat, facing the kiblat, and lift up my hand . Reciting a few surah.

I turn my head to the person beside me. She’s on the Mecca image praying mat sitting crossed leg with her right legs on top of her thigh with eyes closed.

Suddenly, Owh.. that boy in my class.. Sitting few raw in front of me. He turn his head and smile. I think he’s cute.

“Clear your mind, Aishah, clear your mind”

“Allahhuakbar” says the Iman.
Obediently, I place my right hand on top of my left.

OK. Clear mind. Focus..

Clear image of Vogue magazine cross my mind. I love their new limited edition make-up palette from M.A.C. Brown eyeshades!! That color suits with any dress. God, Yes! I could even buy the new foundation and that shimmery eye-liner.

Allahhuakbar” he is saying

Right, Breath in.. breath out… Inhale. Exhale..

God, why do they abundant their babies? People had lost their sense of humanity, do they? Where’s the love people? Where’s the love?

Allahhuakbar” he is saying

Why on earth the price of petrol increase? Does the government take any action towards it?

During the Sujud

Opps! I left my hand phone at home. Yasmin should text me by now and Cent must have reply my previous comment on her Facebook status. They are hilarious! (smiling)

The imam reciting the Syahadah
Can’t wait to meet them back in Kl.

“Asssalamualikumwarrahmatullah” turn my head to the right
I want to eat the fried banana right after this

“Assalamualaikumwarrahmatullah” turn my head to the left
And yes! My mom’s chicken rice is tasty. Can’t wait!!!!!

~End of Solat~

Speak to myself ”Oh my God! Why focusing on Solat is hard to achieve???? I committed loads of sin didn’t I? I should repent more”

Psssttt.. Any tips to share??


  1. I agree, praying gives you peace of mind.

    We're only humans, we're not perfect. So not being able to 'focus' on prayers is OK as long as we put in as MUCH effort to focus. So Allah knows that we tried.

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to focus on ur solat, focus when u take wudhu. =) So clear ur mind when u take wudhu and InsyaAllah, u will focus in ur prayers as well.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more.. I should clear my ind when I take wudhu. Thanks for sharing dahhlingg.. :)

  3. As your editor haha i said this is one of your finest article :-) it is getting more funny n interesting to read n think about. London's story is bored me already haha dont forget i am honest nisa :-) note: fine nama aku x de pun kan majuk!

  4. Thank you my editor! I know London's boring!! Nama kau ada dlm doa aku! Sbb tu aku tak mention sbb dlm hati aku ada kau.. hahah.. Don't forget I'm honest Aishah.

  5. Amin for all your prayer for us :-) walaupn aku tau ko sbnarnya x ingat aku pn haha neway hun most of people can post a picture or a cool video but not everyone can write :-)

  6. Wait, you mean I really can write?? OMG *sounds-like-a-bimbo* hahaha.. Mesti lah aku doakan ko.. Sometimes.. Amiinn..

  7. bole plak dia ingat tiap mende waktu solat tu..aishah2..klaka la u ni

  8. wah! i thought that you're talking bout how to make a perfect prayer. excited reading till at the words 'Allahu akbar" then i'm wondering, what the exactly you wanna share. but then, i get what you're saying. good job! :)

  9. @chinta mestilah ingat. Setan selalu kacau I time mcm ni. I dah baca mcm2 before solat, but still.. I kena work harder to achieve it kot. Thanks for you comment. =)

  10. @ezaty have u ever been in the situation as mine? This is the hardest problem I'm facing in my everyday life. Thanks for your comment. U've made my day. :)

  11. dear aishah,
    thx for that comment yg dah 2x u post then tambah satu lagi means 3 lah...hehehe...

    thx for the advice, I have known bout that surah before but i never amalkannye..

    how I salute in u, even though u were in foreign country,(if i not mistaken lah) u still remember HIM..perhaps therefore HE often to help u...
    seriusly, i dah menangis bile baca ur komen tu dear...tak sangka some people that very care like you..thx!!!

    btw, i pn susah nak focus when im in solat..hehehe..but mak i ada cakap, kalau nak kusyuk senang je actlly, evrytime we read that surah macam al fatihah, imagine in prayer mat, every the sentence line..insyallah.. try lah... :)

  12. honey, i just jalan2 BW tadi, boleh jumpa this entry?..


  13. come u want to eat fried banana with chicken rice? tat syaitan has distract u terribly.=p
    in my opinion, i think u should mean every single surah tat u read. only then, u will focus on ur solat. *act me, too. tak leh fokus sgt kdg2 dlm solat..asek dok pk. "eh aku tak buat assignment lagi". hahaha

  14. its difficult to focus before we have many things we want to do in our mind, but with practise its will done in focussing.

  15. hi cayang, jom join sama2 =)
    saya da tagged awak

  16. @budak degil thanks for the info
    @nohfee semua org will face the same situation as mine kan??? :P
    Nava.k: Agreed!
    Chinta: Jommers!!

  17. its hard to focus on pray...setan mmg suke mengacau...

  18. kan??? blame it to them.. we are innocent! ;P


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