Thursday, April 28, 2011

He's Taken... I'm Broken

Seeing someone you love marrying someone else is hurting from the inside. *sniff* 

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

So my Prince William is getting married and I only have 12hours more to stop the wedding.  *I kid*

How? Yasmin suggests we fly to London and as soon as we reach, she will convince the Queen.

I asked her what should I put on my back?

"Just wear any  wedding gown that you have." 
Yasmin says she very much sure that she can convinced the Queen so I'll be the next Princess of Wales because The Queen like her very much. 

The Queen wants someone who is unique. Well, I use my bare hand to eat instead of using fork and spoon so I am unique for that reason. 

True! We are unique. YES WE ARE!! All Malaysian are uniques.

Kate seems to look beautiful because we always have that mind set which says Westerners are beautiful for their fair skin. We are beautiful too. We have asian tanned skin that all the mat salleh are dying to have. God, yes! We are hot! 

We are all beautiful inside out so don't hide it with our insecurity. Confident is the key. 

 Now I'm broken and he is taken! 
I should move on because he's no longer what I would call a "hot stuff" 
*chin up*

Life goes on but how long their love can survive?

As long as they have the feeling that won't fade away :)

So Selamat pengantin baru Prince William and Kate!! 
Wishing you to have a great life ahead happily ever after.

Be a good King and Queen in the future. 

Photo courtesy of Google

Psst: Cinderella's fairy-tale-ever-after really work on you Kate. If I were you, I'm sure to bring the Prince to Yun Nam Hair Care. 


  1. sedih jugakk :( xsabar nak tgk wedding dia :)

    Meh sini: Jangan Ganggu Hidup aku!!

  2. Fadheela:Wedding of the century :)
    cu734ngel: Nampak tak kepala die botak kat tengah2? Dah tak hot mcm bapak dia.

  3. aishah, apa yg awk pkir sama cam saya, pelik pesal dia x p wat rawatan rambut.

  4. ramai gle kot yg frustrating skg ni. haha.
    anyway, jom baca sambungan my novel.


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