Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Been A while

This blog is set up for that reason: I enjoy writing and I want to be a writer. 
Of course my friend have this idea "Huh?? All the stories about your lunch and all that down the tube?" 
Sheesh! That sound pretentious. 

I'd love to blog and could just be done with it. But let's be realistic. We have our own life, so instead of bitching about nothing to gain more traffic, we work in order to sustain the art of writing. I don't rendered a doormat to my readers. I don't want  them to read something full of crap. 

So what have I been to?? I decided to live out my Prince William fantasy in Buckingham Palace.The past is past. It's not my precious anymore. Time to move on. Haha!

I must admit that I have loads of work and there's life out there. Great life. Like with friends YAZ, NAS,KNK and the new friends I made over the years.

Now I need that space, my writing space and my space-space
Will I blog again? Hell, yes with one or two mosquitoes passing my ears, NO?

Time for me to sit on my chair ,work on my stories and blow my own trumpet.

Stay Well. 

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