Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Memoirs of Cik Gu

Tribute to all teachers around the globe

It's kinda lame for me, still alive and yet still not posting any entry for teachers day. I'm extra out-dated, so I decide to give it a go. We are still in the month of May, aren't we?

To me, teaching is a profession that leaves highly recognizable mannerism. It is fascinating and alarming, how you get stuck with the habits of your profession. Habits of thought, speech and action.

I'm belong to the generation where I remember the old style where the teacher went 
"The capital city of Japan is Tok-" 
and the pupils chorused

This went throughout the whole lesson.
"Everyday you must stu-"

me and the other classmates replied

"If you don't study you become stu-"

we chorused happily

"Stupid like buffa-"

the whole class shout!

Sometimes I have to be over careful not to give the wrong tail. I once dropped a very brick this way:

Teacher: Have you been to the Arkib Negara? 
They say the resources they providing is use-"

 "-less!" I say innocently not knowing or forgetting the other possible suffix "-full"

And when it time for Sejarah (History) lesson, half of us would act blindly staring half asleep at the whiteboard. Who cares what's the name of the ship that brought Alfonso de' alberque (or whateva the name is) to Malacca? But my teacher will give this ferocious glare and yells "Listen!" which suddenly the crowd awake and is as fresh as gold right through the session. 

I must admit if there's no teachers, there will be no prime minister or any other profession .

How many of us are stuck with the habits of our profession?
I'm sure that retired army man lived like a civilian during their service. They force to leave unmistakable marks. 

And what it feels like to be a journalist? Do they have this habit greeting the news of landslide or earthquake with the cry "Good! This will hit the front head!" or they sigh "What?? Only 400 dead?"

Still, I think teachers give my life full of spice. Something to learn, something to laugh on,something to influent to. If there's no teachers, then I wouldn't aware to stop myself from correcting my grammar.

 Or Would I? 


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