Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Pillow Talk

If you peek at my tiny library, you'll find shopaholic books and fashion magazines. But my book beside my bed is my REAL book, book with Doa. I've been grow up sleeping beside either Quran or Yassin. Just to avoid the ghost to disturb me.

I'm all grown up . I realize that the meaning of each Verses had give me the confident to get through the night and the day.Knowing there is something to hold onto when you wake up from nightmare is somehow comforting.

When life can't make sense anymore and despite of the sympathy I get from others, there's always an emptiness. And all I want is someone to hold on to and tell me is all right. 

And then when I question why did this have to happen to me or why did I do to deserve this? 
When I couldn't find the answer from my family and friends, I turn to God to have one to one Pillow talk. 

Even though I never hear God speak it out, and I will feel disappointment in the beginning, soon I will become calmer cause I am heard. 
I have no one but God. We have to realize this is what nature is all about.
Need a Pillow talk anyone? :)


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