Sunday, April 10, 2011

“Make Me a Belieber, Tune Talk!”


My to-do-list for today:

1) Ignore Yasmin request to do parfumes review
2) Some Madame Tussaud pics to share to my readers (see, I choose my readers than my best friend)

I went to Madame Tussaud people!!! 

So after a very long queue (poor feet) at the entrance, finally I managed to get in. Its perfect to see them 'alive". Hug them, kiss them ( I loooove this fact), do whatever you want they won't sue you. Trust me!  

These are all my friends I have in London. Its awesome to get reunited with them again. 

Say hello to Robert Patterson.. Haha

 Unfortunately, I discover that Robert Patterson is taller than me. We can't be a perfect match anymore. Sigh. 

Tom Cruise is shorter a bit taller than me and he seems more compatible to be with me, but he has to divorce his wife first.

I love Julia Robert. She's gorgeous isn't she? Ok, stop comparing us!!

Here's my soon to be mother in law. My friend Yasmin will puke on me for this matter.

I hate the fact that Prince William will getting married soon but Prince Harry is getting hootttttterr!. 

 I wanna strike on some cooler pose, but they were so many people there. 

Nothing worth better than meeting your favorite star alive, the one you have to managed to queue up for.

If you have a chance to meet them alive, you'd probably feel the same way I do. 

So what would you do if you have a chance to meet Justin Bieber alive?? 

If I meet him, I would personally invite him for dinner.  I can make a reservation to any "mamak" stall   in KL (probably Pelita) so he can taste our tasty teh tarik. 
*very classy *

So tell me if your dad is Justin Bieber's bodyguard, I can reserve extra sit for him. You know, it's hard to find extra table in Pelita!

Owh yeah, I will invite him to have some pillow talk with me and my besties. I have to get my parents approval first to allowed me to bring JB to my place. They don't know about Justin Bieber and probably wondering where in the world did I meet this blondie boy. 
*better idea is to sneak him in*

And I'm sure to camwhoring with him all day long and post the picture on my Facebook wall, tag your picture in it, blogging it to the whole world!
*I'm showing off*

Uhmm, I'm a true Belieber, aren't I?


So now let's get to some serious talking. If you really want to meet Justin Bieber live, you can follow to this link to participate in JB impersonation contest with Tune Talk and stand a chance to meet him "live".
Now, I leave you guy with some picture of Barrack Obama's new bodyguard. Took this picture at the "White House" today.

Now, I'm a fulltime paparazzi. 


  1. Forget about Justin Bieber, Julia Roberts looks stunning, my fav actress.

  2. your soon to be mother-in-law to your EX-SOON to be husband. and btw please put my name on ur list-to-be for jb's date. thanx bestie ;)

  3. Don't you have any better things to say? I kid! and yes, I already put your name on the list.

  4. Sure is! =) Thanks for dropping here and leave a comment. Hope to see you more often.


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