Saturday, April 9, 2011


UGG Boots are the "it" trends in London nowadays. We can find everybody walking in it. 

It wont feel awkward walking in a Ronald-Mcdonald-look-alike boots

Frankly speaking, I won't allowed myself to wear this kind of boots in Malaysia because I don't want to be unfriended by my friend and I won't give a chance for you to laugh at me :D

If there's anybody here dare to wear this kind of boots in Malaysia? 

Seriously, these piece of design is now hitting the London town. *No Kidding*

At first I wonder why all these people allowed themselves walking in this boot. Later I found out, this boots is very comfy. Then, I get myself a pair of it.

Look at the materials. Verrrrry hairy!! 

I feel like walking on carpets along the Oxford Street. It will never hurt my feet. 

And this one is another pair from the same brand but different design.

Look at them!

It's very comfy to wear on winter days but a BIG NO NO to wear in country like Malaysia.

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