Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Mother is on Facebook - How do you handle that?

Has anyone here "friend" with their mom on Facebook?

How do you guys feel when your mom comment on your status?

Are you secure to share your "private" life in Facebook with your mom?

How do you handle when your mom send her friend request to you?

Will you accept or ignore it?

Having friend with your mom on Facebook has it own pro's and cons


  • You can check who's flirting with your mom on Facebook 
  • You'd be more secure of your parents marital status. Well, your mom will put her relationship status "married" with your dad.
  • You can stalk your mom's profile and observe her activities by her updated Facebook status. Sure she will update when she's home or when she's in the market. Better ideas for you to sneak out more often. 
  • Gives her cute virtual gift on her birthday and you don't have to spend any penny on it. She'll be happy receiving it. 

All of the above are my nonsense ideas. So don't take me too seriously! 


These are the reasons why you should never add your mom on Facebook:

Picture Courtesy of Google
Whatever it is, you gotta love your mom unconditionally. 

So does anyone has any ideas on how to handle this situation?


  1. HAHAHAHA!! This is awesome! How did you come over this? Btw, momma is super cute with her scary smile.

  2. HAHAHAHA... I google about this. Sure, the BIG Momma super cute with her scary smile

  3. My mum is on facebook too, but i will NEVER let her know my account XD

  4. Hahaha... of course you won't. Thanks for the comment anyway. See you more often here. =D

  5. The comic is cute! But, I think we deserve to keep our fb account private. My friend create another account to keep her parents away.

  6. Hi Luhnix. I have a friend who did it too. He inspired me to blog about it. Thanks for the comment. =D


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