Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Financial Term or at least I think so

Reasons I give to my dad, my mom, and my sis when I overspent failed to smuggle in my shopping bags into my room.

Question: Why do you spend all your money for a pair of shoes? You should save your money for your future.
Answer: I know I should spend 20% of my money into savings for my old age instead of buying another pair shoes. However what good is a saving of 20%? By the time I'm old, the world will probably have blown up or something. Whereas a pair of shoes is tangible, it is in MY hand. 

Question: Why do you need Chanel eye brow set when I already bought you from Dior last time? 
Answer: A new eye brow set from Chanel is an investment. In a way it saving money because now I get this, I won't need money to spend on eye brow set for the entire year. I can be as pretty as Audrey Hepburn and err.. that Dior eye brow you bought me is already expired.

Question: You're wasting your money by spending them in things you already have! Why?
Answer:Spending 90 ringgits to buy a new top is worth more than buying a cigarettes.  You know like they say, virtue is its own rewards. In fact, I give ZARA business opportunity. We need to spent a million to get a million. I know my money is working for me out there. 

Question: Why would you spent few hundreds instead of tuck in the bank?
Answer: Shopping is like you investing in stock market.  It help run the economy cycle. Yes, I'm losing some money in a short term but if I simply tuck my money in the bank for years by doing nothing, I will face a greater risk, INFLATION

Question: You already have dozens of perfumes. Do you really need another one?
Answer: Buying more than two perfumes is not wasted. In fact, I can get "pahala" because I always smell nice. People will comfortable sitting next to me so yes, I get more "pahala" buying more perfumes.

Smart answer kan??  *chin up*
I'm the one who should laugh at them.

 Well, not always. By end of the month, I will eat Maggie Mee  to survive and promise myself (again) not to overspent anymore.

Note: Mind your spending smarty pants. You can always give your parent the answers but well,  unexpected disaster like tsunami will threaten your life. Who knows? 

Or maybe we can get insurance cover for our handbags and make ups, can we?


  1. klo jawab camtu, nanti panas telinga daku kena leter sampai mati. nwy, BI u best, sng nk paham :) pesal xle folow ek? mana buton nk folow? tetibe jd jakun :'(

  2. Ada lah kat tepi tu dahling.. Hehehe.. Kena leter je bkn kena bunuh pun.. :D

  3. good explanation of why and how you spend on retail therapy.

  4. hahahaaaa.. sum like a joke... sum like a reality.. :)

  5. Thanks Nava but my family can't accept this "explanation" no matter how good my points are. Hehe..

  6. Kid, for me is a reality tapi for my family point of view, diorang ckp I slh apply my knowledge in investment. Tapi betul kan, shopping ni satu investment? Pls agree!!! haha

  7. my dear, i feel you...bad thing is, my hubby kena berdepan ngan alasan tuh twice as i'll be giving this sets of answers and then my kids will join in too..ehehehehe ;p at least ur parents just need to 'accept' and face ur predicted answer..but yerp2...i see shopping as an investment..ehehehe coz whenever I have something that I rarely use anymore in my closet, i would either sell it or just donate it to other family members..ehehe and then i'll end up with more cool freebies from nowhere..kan kalau kita buat baik,and derma,kita akan dibalas 10 kali yeah, shopping is AN INVESTMENT..;)

  8. Absolutely! We can sell unwanted item at ebay or donates to those in need and make them happy. It is an investment for dunia and akhirat. Owh, at last I found someone who can understand every single of my situation. hehe.. :D

  9. spend with your money, spend with other people's money..... memang seronok

  10. nasib ar ada google translate..
    yang pasal beli rokok tu aku setuju..
    hahahaha...terkene betol ni hik3

  11. Sharinginfoz: Seronok, tapi time tak kena marah yg tak seronok
    Far8: Ye la tu kena ada google translate. Ntah2 ko speaking berhabuk kan? hehe


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