Monday, April 25, 2011

Airport Madness

You know, the time you spend sitting at the departure gate, staring at the runway, because your airline insisted you get there three hours before your flight.

You know it takes hours to go through all those security checks, to make sure you are not carrying a dangerous weapon like your nail-clipper. 

Or the time you kill between connection flights, or waiting out a delay, or praying for the weather to give you a break.

MAS Lounge

For now sitting at the airport and do the java jive is a bad idea. Coffee is probably the last thing I need in the airport and MAS Lounge provide boring books. 

As I sipping my coffee, my head swiveling from side to side, I feel giddy. How long has it been since I've seen shop? It's been months! 

 Shops after shops after shops. You know, the make-up booth are appearing more frequently at the airport and the air is becoming heavy with expensive scent?

Dior, Lancome, Chanel, and Vic's Secrets.  Who doesn't need a blusher?? Every girl needs it! 

Suddenly my sis put her handbag down and give me a long look.

" I know things are cheaper here but don't go crazy"

" Go crazy? What do you mean?" I say, a little offended

"I know you're going to shopping..."

How does she knows that? Honestly, my sis has such a nerve. How does she know I'm not going to go to the ladies or something? 

"I'm not going to shopping. Do you think I'm going to get excited by a few Dior booth?"

"Frankly, yes!"

Now, my liver turn upside down.


  1. online is the only activity i can do before boarding.

  2. you know, your face looks obvious when it comes to shopping! *salivate*

  3. I always eat before I board the plane because I chose Airasia...

  4. Yasmin: Really?? Darn! I shud practice how to keep a straight face!
    Kelly: We shud eat before boarding when we chose airasia coz the the Nasi Lemak up there is extremely expensive. :D

  5. I thought I stumbled into some game review about airport madness. Sorry, I'm a game freak ;-) Anyway, for the record, I hate the wait between the connecting flights most :-|

  6. haha.. You're super cool.. Even you're a game freak and was stumble for some game reviews, you still have a little time to drop a comment on my post. Thanks you so much. Appreciate your time.*hugs*


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