Sunday, April 3, 2011

Note To Women

 Dedicating to all women despite any level of beauty and a simple reminder for myself

Any girls/women at some point in their life will feel insecure about herself despite any level of beauty. We are trying hard to make ourselves as gorgeous as ever. Personally, I think it’s good for us to doll up, wearing nice clothes, pain our nails, put on make ups, and etc. It boost the confidence. What wrong is, who we did these for? To whom we want to impressed to?

The best person for you to impress is YOURSELF. Not your boss, not your lover, not your best friend. Doll up to make you feel good, to boost your confident and appreciate YOU. Never doll up to find a multimillionaire husband. Never doll up to lock your boyfriend’s heart so that he loves only you or to put his eyes to sees only you. Be a realist. You can’t force anyone to sees only you nor love only you. The only you can do is, LOVE yourself. By appreciate your beauty, you actually appreciate God’s creation.

It is unworthy to work hard to impress someone who maybe doesn’t deserves you. People come and go, so does your lover because people changed, feeling changed, and fate changed. At the end of the day, the only person you have is you. So why do we have to impress someone that aren’t have any certainty for and make you feel horrible when they don’t appreciate you? How many of us complain that we are fat (even though we are not), how many of us wished to be skinnier? How many of us wished to be hotter than the other girl in the same room? There are reasons behind these question and you know why you made these wished for. I don’t have to tell you, you know it.

Insecurity is attraction killer. Some women (not all) would put other women down just to make her feel good about herself. Ever heard a woman say “My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is fat and ugly!” (eventually she’s not). Do you think by pointing others down can make yourself look prettier? Definitely not. You just lower your own standard and make yourself uglier! There’s nothing benefited the girl you putting down to. Appreciate other woman’s beauty is not a crime. Instead, you added extra value of yourself by changing your view. It makes you feel good. Trust me.

To me, the most attractive women is independent women. A woman who not only earn an honest living but she, who feel complete with her life and not depending on others to make her  happy. Never depend on others to make you feel beautiful. Don’t crave for others to compliment you instead, compliment yourself. ( Just don’t over do it and keep it to yourself or else, you’ll lose your girlfriends). You will not only gain your confident level higher up, but it will make you feel secure with yourself. You will be strong to face any kind of problem because you know who you are, what you deserve, and love yourself more than  you love anyone else. You have the power of choice. And  even if you turned 60 or 70, you will still feel good, cause you know you’re beautiful at any level of age! (No need a surgery). Now, that is what we call attractive.

Every women is sexy and the most sexiest part of women body is their brain. Sexy is not only rely on revealing clothes, but sexy is when you can be your own self and speak your own mind. A women who’s not reveal any part of her body, but still get dude’s attention is sexy! There are two types of sexy. The woman who is obviously trying hard to be sexy then there is a woman who isn’t trying to be sexy, she just is! So I found the second one is much sexier. Why? Because her body is not the only thing she has to offer. It is not the only thing left in her.

 So treasure the person in you. When you know how to treasure you, you will have control over yourself. You won’t be desperate to impress someone else. You feel complete by your own. You will live only within your own standard. And the most important thing is, you will often get what you deserved. Remember, its better to lose someone else rather than to lose yourself. Stop competing with other women because we love each other. Appreciate the beauty we shared.

There is a woman who has the power to drive a man to build a Taj Mahal for her. There is a women, who has the power to drive a man to build an empire. So, be that woman! You’re beautiful in your own way.

So, Why not?? .

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  1. overall i'm agree with u. just be proud of yourself and don't ever try to be someone else. just 'wear' your own beauty because everybody is special and unique :)


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