Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Earth Hour and Silly Me

I started to celebrate The Earth Hour two years ago. I was eager to be part of Malaysian who concern about the environment and was very excited to take part. I switched off the lights, TV, and left only the refrigerator. Two years later (26 March 2010), I grew older,wiser and totally changed. Suddenly this thought came across my mind. 

Hmmm, why do I need to do this? Do we have to do so? Do I really concern about the environment?

Later that day, I saw on Wawa's BBM status, "Tak payah lah nak earth  hour sangat!" Hahaha at least I'm not alone and I don't feel that bad. Then I asked her, 

Me: "Wa, perlu ke nak celebrate earth hour? "
Wawa: Tak perlu kot. Aku hisap rokok, asap rokok aku tu polution jugak
Me: Hrmm... Exzos kete aku keluar kan asap jugak.

So when my family members asked to switch off the lights, I refused. 

Reason: What?? Lights off?? Err, nanti hantu datang! How???

My point here is, do we only care bout our earth for only an hour  a year or do we really care bout our earth for every second of our lives?

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