Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virtual or Real

Can we judge people by their status on FB or what are they truly is in the real life? Personally, I think FB is a medium for us to show 10% of who actually we are. Its like a quarter of an iceberg!
Let me put this way, we (including me) only show the good things about us and nothing negative. We are much hotter on FB than in real life (No offense). I have never seen anyone profile say "I screamed at the other driver on the road, I act dramatic over every little things, I break up with my bf because I'm irritating," and etc. NEVER!
Do we really have over a 1000 friends in our real life or are they really the one that we can count on to when we need them? Pro, we have fake feeling of being popular. Cons, they can steal our pictures and check what we are doing.
Honestly, I do not keep in touch with every single person of my friend list in my everyday life.I have only four friends that I kept to be a shoulders for me to cry on, to cheer me up, to keep me going, to tell me what is right when I do wrong.

To me, the quantity should not be any issues. What I want is their qualities to be my friend, to be apart of my life. I do not want too many friends to be popular.
Arrogant........ Nope,
Keep private and low.........Yes!

We lost our privacy in FB, we forgot how good it feels to be alone, we no longer be mysterious, we become a person we no longer knew.
Now, don't get me wrong. FB is like any other modern technology. It has the same function as text messaging that can connect us together. To some extent,I think FB can be fit into our life but our life cannot be fit into FB.

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