Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you wear Brand?

We tend to go for something that every has, or that is very popular to make us "fit" into the society.  My question here today is, do you care more about what brand you buy or what the actually material or price is?
I have a pair of flips flop from LV which I however regret buying it. Not only it costs me a fortune, but I realize it's not worth every penny. First, it looks like ordinary-nothing special flip-flop that we used to wear to go to the Pasar Malam near our house. Second, no one ever notice or seems to care that it is actually made from "that" French brand.

By Louis Vuitton

There's another pair that I seldom wear from Chanel. Because this thingy really hurt on my feet even though the size really fits me.

Although I sometimes go for the brands, but the brands have to look nice and comfortable.Wearing branded clothes will make your life style indeed to the next level. My clothes are not all branded but what matters for me, is that they are clean and really fits me. Looking good to whatever I'm wearing counts more than the brand.

I adore designer labels and their effort to make the design unique. There's different between low-end and high-end clothing. It doesn't matter what we are wearing, the important thing is who we are in what we are wearing because the clothes doesn't make the person, but the person makes the clothes out of it.
So how important are designer labels to you?


  1. i dont know how to appreciate those lv chanel coach...havent reach that standard yet

    thefye.com <<<my blog post here

  2. hehe.. u don't have to reach a certain standard to appreciate those brand. They should appreciate you because you're the one who bought them. Sometimes, these high level brand can boost your confidence but don't totally depend on it.


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