Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When heaven meets earth in Beijing

I went to Beijing recently.. The city is cool and awesome. 

Beijing Railway Station
The city full of tradition..

Summer Palace

The Great Wall
well, wearing cheerleading skirt climbing to the Great Wall is a BIG NO-NO idea :)

Look at the crowd... S.C.A.R.Y

Niu-Je Mosque

The Olympic Stadium "Bird Nest"
According to the chinese ancient, the round is the symbol of heaven and square, is the symbol of earth. So , they build the 'Bird-Nest' in round and the "Ice-cube" in square. There are many buildings were build based on this rules including this below,

Wangfujing Street
Let's go round the shops at Wangfujing street..
To be on the world's greatest heritage somehow amaze me..I feel lucky to get to the Great Wall. I learn how the culture can turn something into a great creatures and lasts for the centuries..


  1. nice place, although have not been here, my hubby did and came back with plenty to share with me, esp on the great wall.

  2. hi nava.. Great Wall is amazing I must say. Please make your way to the Great Wall. I'm sure your husband share awesome story about it. Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you more often here.


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