Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Every Arsenal fan bitterly disappointed. We reached the top and it’s the chance to win a TROPHY!!!
However, luck still doesn’t smile to us. After years of waiting, now we’ll be waiting again. Judging from the game, I’m questioning myself. Is this arsenal standard of play?? The keeper only have one mistake, he’s very young. The team members need to show they are mentally strong. (Such pity for Febregas)

Maybe Wenger failed to motivate the players enough. We played as if we just need to turn up and the trophy will be handed to us because we are Arsenal. The Birm guys wanted it and they gave their all.

Defensive blunder is on the path of everyone and therefore the team is not to blame but I know we are better than most teams.

Well, it’s just a game and nobody’s perfect. Still keep the faith. No matter what, tomorrow is the day to rise up our head and fight. FA is not easy and the Champ League also not easy side.

It was traumatic night after all. No fans believes today lose is like a dream, but we are steel gunners.

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