Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Socrates thought you felt pleasure from objects that were intrinsically beautiful. He found pleasure in simple geometric shapes, single colors, and musical notes. Plato, however, believed that beauty was an ingredient property within things. Relative beauty exists only in comparison to ugly things. Plato thought that beauty was defined by a property of the whole object.

As described in Plato's Philebus, the measure of beauty was structured and related to intelligence.
And this is how my dearest friend Yasmin defines beauty " When you walk beside the beast, the beauty speak itself!!!" =D

She's gorgeous. Isn't she?

To me, beauty is the abstract thought of what appeals to you ( I don't mean sexually). Beauty is not one opinion shared by a whole. A woman who is comfortable in her skin and cannot be made to feel bad about herself is 
strongly Beautiful!

So when it comes to saying something is beautiful should we as a person only rely on what our eyes to say? I believe we have lost of the real understanding and focused on beauty from one sence (visual)
Faith can turn anything beautiful. We shouldn't be influence by media which is designing beauty for humans in any way designer like. More, we should care the beauty of our hearts.

This is not about skinny versus fat nor XS versus XXL,for beauty first and foremost comes from the heart. A blind person cannot use their eyes to see, so they need to use their ears and hands to see the beauty.

For me there is no such thing as ugly because I believe that God would never create anything ugly. Ugliness is in the soul as well. . I find girls who can be the most attractive on the outside can be dumb morally and therefore are ugly. A girl who has morals and values is much more attractive then any fake barbie.

That is a hard question to answer. It basically depends on how we define the word ugly because if you think about it, we all view ugly as being various types of things. Not everyone has the same idea on what is ugly. What one person thinks is ugly another person might think is not. Basically it is just like how we view the old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", except replace beauty with ugly. I hope this makes sense.

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