Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heathrow Terminal Four vs Satellite Terminal KLIA

I'm a loyal MAS passenger. Whenever I travel, MAS will be my first choice.
The reasons why??
(1) I'm a Malaysian
(2) I'm proud to be Malaysian
(3) Because of the following reasons....
I adore MAS Lounge eva!!! The one I'm impressed with is at the Terminal 4,Heathrow London.

Look at this view.. You can just relax and watching the flight take off and landed before your boarding.

The interior really caught my eyes.

If you're rushing to the airport and forget to have a shower, you can freshen up yourself here, doll up with Chanel N0.5  skin care, and smell the Allure before fly..
Plus, the food is delicious... Grab a bite to eat without any charges. =)
The MAS Golden Lounge is available in KLIA as well. Here, I adore the one that are located at the Satellite Terminal.
Currently, KLIA is upgrading the airport and the aero-train is out of service. So, the MAS had arrange a comfortable car to drive you from the main tower to the satellite terminal..
Guess what????? The comfortable car is neither BMW or Benz.. It is Panamera by P.O.R.S.C.H.E..
Look at this interior
Here's the Platinum Suite at the MAS Golden Lounge, Satellite Terminal KLIA
Amazing isn't it?? Too bad this service is available for the Platinum Enrich Member.. *how awful*.
I'm so grateful and lucky since I have a chance to experience this facilities during my traveling.
I hope it can inspire me to work hard in achieving my dreams with both feet still on the ground.
We can be whatever we want to be but whatever we have right now is just a temporary.Its all belongs to God, including ourselves.. =)

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