Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Paris??

During this trip I was:

Having bad hair day



Sooo ugly

My top reason (s):

I have to wake up early (at 4.30 a.m) because the driver is waiting at 6 a.m

Unfortunately, I overslept so I wasn't able to get myself a nice outfit.

Blame the wind for messy hair.

The driver took us to King Cross station where we have to continue our journey by Eurostar heading to Paris.

Jadore Paris
The journey was awesome

This city give me some feelings to fall in love right here and there!

Christian Dior

Ritz Hotel
I'm in love with the Eiffel Tower. A great iron structure!

Messy Hair
 Level 2 of the Eiffel. 
( Nampak macam under construction building)

Chanel behind me
 The River Cruise.  There are so many romantic restaurant along the river. *sigh*

Louis Vuitton Paris

So why do I have to be in Paris (The World Fashion City) in my ugly day??

Pissed off!


  1. i just got back from paris last month...i went disneyland... my site

  2. how much is the entrance fee? is it expensive?


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