Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hampton Court by King Henry VIII

The Hampton Court Palace is the home of King Henry VIII.

The Hampton Court Palace
Awesome isn't it??
I love the amazing views. It's kinda romantic to me. =D

Way to Hampton Court
I felt in love with this place not because of the amazing views but  at the other side of it, Hampton Court is held with so many exotic memories of King Henry VIII.I was wondering who is he at the beginning as I saw a lot of ads about him in London.

King Henry VIII Dressed To Kill
As curious as I am, I was eager to know bout this legendary King of England.
Later I found out He is famously remembered for having six wife (sounds cool) and two of whom he had beheaded (wth??) which helped to make him a cultural icon..


The Kitchen

The wedding celebration

Journey's end
So, King Henry VIII, Rest in Peace....xoxo

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