Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahmad and Aminah

Running errands with young children tagging along can be hassle.  Whether it’s dashing around to the nearest Sainsbury’s to get some bread or to withdraw money from ATM machines, it’s easier to leave the children at home with books. A winning combination if I may say so.

So on my first day babysitting little Haikal, I find a book to get him by his company and practice his reading. Initially, progress was slow. Our reading session went like this:

“This is Ahmad. This is Aminah”

I yawned. This is going to be a long afternoon.

“Ahmad likes Aminah and Aminah likes Ahmad”

My eyelids started to drop

“Fatimah sits with Aminah at school”

My head nodded off

“Ahmad and Aminah will be going to the farm for tea”

“Kak Aishah, wake up!”

I felt a hand shaking my arm.

“Mm.. We are we now? Okay, you are here now. Lets continue reading”

“There are other children in the tea farm house. They are eating sandwiches”

“Sandwich?? Are you hungry? Let’s go to EAT to eat some sandwich” I suggested for an escape from a dreary boring book.

Then we end up at EAT till late evening drinking espresso and Panini. 

Mission failed.

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