Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad Karma

Do you know when they say a bad karma will hit your face if you done something bad? Well, it happen to me today. I spent all of the time in front of my laptop. I didn't cook, I didn't watch tv, I didn't go out. Who need to go out if you can see the entire world with your tiny screen?? 

So, this morning I went to the back yard of my house and found ulat (worm) inside and outside the dustbin.
Yes. I had worm inside my dustbin.







I didn't take the picture because you don't dare to look. It's gross. So time for revenge!!!
I took the mosquitoes spray and spray to them. No avail. I think they even say "look at this fool, a mosquitoes spray?? We are immune to that" *sing happily*

Next,  I pour the hot water to them and I can tell their body were shrinking become fat but still, that aren't the best revenge after all. By this time they probably say " Wohooooo.... how does she thinks she can kill us by pouring the hot water? We rocking it out beybeh!!" 

Feel disappointed, I finally give up. Pull over the dustbin and throw it out at the garbage outside my house. End of story. But not after I can't remove the stain and the smell that left on my dustbin. Another story begins. I wash it out with soap but the smell is still there so I decides to use my Calvin Klein Perfume  and spray it on my dustbin. Genius! Thank God for whoever invent on perfume. Mr Calvin Klein should be proud. ^___^

Ok. Time for wash my hands. I'm a dirty girl. But don't judge me wrong. I have this super cool Hands Scrub from Crabtree & Evelyn. It scrub away all dirties and make me clean once again. After all the dirty job I did, I deserved a hand therapy.  It keeps your hand smooth and moist. 

With affordable price, I think you would in love with this product. Happy Hands, Happy Life.


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