Friday, August 5, 2011

The Most Darling

Have you ever experience an instant love?

You know you've meet your love at first sight when your heart leaps as soon as you saw them.

As you imagine you slips your fit into them with a frisson of delight and they are just fantastic. 

It an instant love when you just can't move your eyes away. 

"I want those shoes" pops up in your head when you just look at it. A shoes can change your life.. Well, at least it can make your legs looks longer. 

I just experienced this instant love with Lola Pink from UP  shoes by Diana Rikasari.. I just look at it. It's delicious. The most darling shoes I've ever seen. When I see it, my heart leaps!

I'm melting..... 


  1. perfect summer pair! love its floral print!

  2. Yes it is honey. I'm drooling over it. :)


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