Friday, August 19, 2011

A Tale Of Sanitary Pad

As a still menstruating women, personally I'm not fond of having pools of blood left behind on the chair. I reached puberty at age 12 and since then I have love-hate relationship with sanitary pad. My friend on secondary school once advised me to wash it clean. If I didn't, the hantu (ghost) will come and suck the blood and I would die. 

Nowadays, when I look at the sanitary packet in Guardians, I will always think of the following: 

1) The sanitary pad must be long enough to keep me from leave any stain on my chair.
2) Non-scratchy pad to keep me  away from diaper rash. 

Men don't have a clue about what menstruation really is and have never experience it every month. I once make a boyfriend of mine buy me sanitary pad and he totally get freak. Wing-pads and non wing-pads? Light-days, heavy-days, night flow? What the heck?? It's really frighten him out of hell. He says he looks gay buying it. Will he later relate ipad to sanitary pad??  I'd give up after that  ^__ ^

Sometimes I wonder how men react when see sanitary pad's commercial on TV. Do they imagining what is behind the pad? The shape of the pad? The things under the pad?? Will the pad stuck on their brain all the time?? Aiyaa...... want to pray also cannot!

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