Monday, August 22, 2011

My Phuket Trip-Part 2

Before I blab on, just one advice for those who planning to go.
Always wearing a flat and long sleeves shirt because the sun here will angrily burn your skin. Unless if you wanna get tan. But I doubt many asians do.

I love being in Phuket but man.... the pollution. Aside from that, I really love this place. The city is quite exotic. 

I didn't come back from Phuket with loads of luggage.  I also bring extra fat I consumed in Phuket. I can't handle it. I just love eating in Phuket. The food is awesome and it is cholesterol heaven!! 


I went to Sherphaluck Orchid. The place where they produce and selling Cashew. I can't be bother to enter because the line was too long. So I settled for picture outside. 

There are many shops in this area which mostly sales beach wear. 

Halal food is easy to find. There's a lot of Lebanese restaurant floating everywhere. Some Tom Yam restaurant has Halal signage. 

I'm almost drool by their Tom Yam. You had to taste the Tom yam before you leave. If you have been there, you'd agree with me. If you don't you have to go one day.

I'm leaving for London in a few days. So it will be more post to come. Be warned! 
Just for now, I need to get back to sleep baybeh!

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