Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something To Perk My Skin UP

Ok, time for product review..


This is Dior Capture Total One Essential Serum. I'm not buying this myself but I got it from my sister. She claimed it was a great serum that I would notice results within a week. I was skeptical to believe her because I have never found a product that would work so fast. She changed to SKII somehow. (LMAO). 

This is the best serum I had ever used and the most expensive. *cries*
Yeah right, it would have to give me a perfect skin to be worth that.


Before this I'm using unbranded product and all I can say is it's like going from Nissan to Mercedes!  You can tell by how awful I look before this. Well, with dark circle under my eyes, oily skin and my hair all over the place. 

This product is like a bless from above as it made my pores almost visible and evened out my skin tone just after three days. I only applied it once a day in the morning. 

Base on others reviews about this product, I can tell that:

  • It helps eliminate surface toxins on the skin 
  • Help reveal clearer, brighter skin that is more line free.
  • Two drop will suffix the entire face, it soak in instantly.
  • This serum help exfoliating your skin and is supposed to help absorb the active ingredients from other cream better.
That seems to be true because my skin is plumpier and softer in the morning. 
 I took this picture right after I woke up this morning after I brush my teeth of course. 


Don't ask me if I already take my bath prior taking this picture because as honest as I can be, I hadn't yet.   

 Smelly??? That's my sacrifice effort for you, so you're most welcome. 




One thing I don't like about this product is that you can't see how much you have left in the container, So I never know if I'm about to run out.

Above else, I really love this product but the price tag is nasty. A good birthday present for me because I can't afford to buy myself. :)

So I hope you guys happy reading this while I'm taking my bath and apply this serum.

Stay Well


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