Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair Extension

To some extent we will do anything just to make ourselves beautiful and never care about the long term side effect.

Recently, I intend to make hair extension because it looks beautiful, thicker, wavy, and elegant. As curious as I am, I make a research about hair extension. What the Don’ts are.

So here it is…


Finding out about all the methods of hair extensions is probably the MOST important step.  You should allow extra time to understand the methods and also the next step to select the best method for your hair situation. 

And just like the drug commercials we see on television, the side-effects of hair extensions are very real and you need to know what they are

 Important notice for all hair extension methods
Hair extensions can cause permanent damage to your natural hair.  Every hair extension company out there today claims that their method does not cause damage and even more companies claim that the condition of your natural hair will be improved after wearing hair extensions. 

First, the hair that is used for hair extensions comes in wefts (hair that is attached together with a tiny little curtain at top, or in individual strands of hair.  A strand of hair is considered 30 or more individual strands of hair.   Hair can be human hair or synthetic hair.

Each strand of hair on our head has a cuticle, or layer if you will, that is going in a certain direction.  All of the cuticles of the hair on your head are going in the same direction.  So, when you talk about adding hair to your head, it is important to understand the cuticle and how it is important to the look and feel of your hair.

So I called my sis’s hair consultant, Christy. Roughly, she gave the same feedback.

Moral of the story, don’t depend on something to make u feel good bout yourself or let your confident boost by wearing something fake. Just let your natural beauty speaks to itself. Buat apa nak depend on something untuk nampak cantik kan? jangan rosakkan your natural beauty. 

Confidence is sexy especially  when u are comfortable with your own skin. Feel good about yourself. Love your skin, love your hair, love everything in you! Never leave home without it!

Take supplementary such as Vitamin E. It produce oil to make your hair  and skin grow healthier.

Excuse for make ups la. It is beauty enhancement. Anyway, there's no serious effect wearing make up. We need make up to look natural.

Back to Christy:
You wash your hair everyday la. It will grow in a month! No need hair extension one!

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