Monday, August 15, 2011

18 Hours Shoot!!

I have a story for you... About Him.. 

He loves me, does He? Or maybe He forgotten me. 

I turn to my sis and say "He has forgotten me"
Sis:  Don't say that. He loves you that's why He test you 
*rolling her eyes*
Me: Do I need to be tested before I get what I desire?
Sis: Yess, off course!

I keep my eye on my watch. The last time I ate was 12 hours before. The clock is ticking but time has seem not moving at all. I try to focus on other thing. Watching TV, shopping, playing games, just name it. I did everything to keep me going but I feel weak. I feel like a zombie. Half dead, half alive. I can't move on. I try to get in touch with Him but to no avail. It gets disconnected. I never feel this way before. I keep on praying and keep on crying. 

Sunset makes me giddy, like there's a butterflies on my stomach. I feel alive for a second time. I feel stronger than ever. I heard the most beautiful Azan ever as the Imam from the Central Mosque of London call to pray. Yess!! That's it! I long waited for this Azan and long waited to break my fasting. 

Goshhhhhhh!!!I have prayed, begged and asked from God to give me strength. A happier life with loads of food. Is it too much to ask for?  By the end of the day, with every patience I take, He grant me with what I desired. I'm longing for foooooddddd... 18 hours of fasting is really crazy challenging. 

Anyhow to lose hope is to lose faith in God. Have patience for God will grant you with what you want. What you desire. Even you're desiring for foods... I survived! *chin up* 

This is the whole new experience for me. Fasting for 18 hours a day in London.  Two more weeks to go. Wish me luck.

 * All muslims around the world are fasting during this holy Ramadhan month during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. When Ramadhan fell in the summer, fasting often tough. 


  1. selamat berpuasa yea aishah.. sabor laa yea.. 18 jam lama tu.. raya balik sini tak?

  2. Tahun ni raya kat London.. 18 jam puasa memang penat. Baru habis buka, dah kena sahur balik. Selamat Berpuasa Kid :)


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