Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Malaysia

Bless to all Malaysian, I'm greeting from London. 

If you often travel with Malaysia Airlines boeing 747, this video will play on your screen before touched down. I feel proud watching this video among all the mat salleh in my flight from London to KL. It get my nerves when I heard the Londoners ordering nasi lemak instead of steak to the stewardess. 

So here is my greeting for you, MY Malaysia. 

Dear Malaysia,
Today is your 54th birthday. I'm so proud to be Malaysian and I'm sure all Malaysian feel the same way too. Everywhere I go the world recognized you. You're so famous to the world. I still remember when I'm in Paris buying souvenirs, the souvenirs guy approach me and asked me if I am a Malay. I say yes and he says "Singapore,Malaysia, or Indonesia?" Proudly I say "Malaysia". As if your name is a mantra or something, this guy is magically give me discount. Maybe it is just the marketing strategy, but I know that I'm more than proud to carry your name with me. I never try to used your name to get any discount. I swear!

Dear Malaysia,
Do you know a lot of foreigners do speak in Malay? The word "Terima kasih" is famous as "Bonjour" in Paris. To be honest with you, I'll be more patriotic while I'm abroad compared when I was home. Don't get me wronged, I will always be patriotic everywhere I go even though I sometimes reply the "Terima Kasih" with "Welcome". Well, its supposed to be "Sama-sama"

Dear Malaysia,
After all these years, I realize many Malaysian had take you for granted sometimes (including me). Many young generation didn't know how to appreciate you. We didn't know how they struggle to get the independence. But one thing for sure, we will never let go of this independence we have, as much as we can't let go the 3-in-the morning-Roti-Canai at mamak stall. We will never give up. Don't worry.  

Dear Malaysia,
I just want you to know we, Malaysian are very friendly. Not only among us, but among others as well.  Everywhere I go, every time I encounter with other Malaysian they never failed to greet me. I know they  always make their way to the Malaysian Hall whenever they miss YOU. Many malaysian despite of races gather here just to eat our homemade dishes. Chinese, Indian and Malay are very well unite. We always wear a smile on our face. We even smile when we get to the court for divorce cases. 

Dear Malaysia,
The most proudest thing that really get into my nerves is to see our very own Jalur Gemilang flying high at Trafalgar Square. As I stare, I get this an overwhelming feeling inside me. Something that can make my eyes teary. Then I know and I realized just how much I love you. We wouldn't want to have so many obese people like in western countries. Full of alcohol, partying, and fast food. Because we are proud to ourselves. Wa are unique in our own way. 

Wish you a very Happy 54th of Independence. 
*hugs and kisses*

Yours Truly,

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