Monday, August 29, 2011

Hail A Cab

Back in London days, hailing a taxi won't give you such a heart attack. Just hold out your hand when you see the black cab is coming, get in, and the driver will drive you wherever you to the place. Professional? Yes. Challenging? No

Things are slightly different here in Malaysia. Held a taxi but you cant be sure they will stop. If they do, they will ask your location. If they like, they will drive you. If they don't, wait for another half an hour to get another taxi. They will be more demanding on price when you sounds desperate. 

Ordering a taxi by phone call will be more challenging. I once ordering a taxi from my place to KL Sentral. After all the "" musical sound over the line for quite a moment, the operator ask me "How may I help you" after I said my location and she ask me to hold on, the "" music when through my ear again. 

Another ten minutes gone by, the operator ask me the same question over again. I answered her the same answer. Ask me to hold on and the "ne.." music when through my ear. This process going on for another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of waiting, she gets me to the line only to tell me there's no cab available at the moment.
Challenging? Yes. Will it ever get me bored? NO. 

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