Thursday, August 25, 2011

Left Out

Sis went away again, this time for longer, and of course I miss her.  Hooray!! No one can disturb me. 
I get excited. I gave up all my disciplinary and turn my day unproductively. I do need a break. Eat.Sleep. Eat. Sleep. 
Day and night and again day and night until there's nothing left in my life. 

On the second day, I try the other way around. TV.Sleep.TV. Sleep. I watched Keeping Up with Kardashian for countless time. So aside of asking God why he doing this to me, I finally try to catch with my life. Living alone for the rest of the week isn't fun at all. Trust me. 

Third day, comforting myself with books and scribble some words on my note pad. 

Try to BBM Yasmin.

No reply. Thanks.

Finally, I sent this a text to my dad in Malaysia. 

Me: London is so gloomy

Dad: It's all bright and sunny over here. 


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