Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Godfather-"I'll make him an offer He can not refuse"

Hey, guess what? I got a chance to watch The Godfather one more time. It was airing on TV. Don't go thinking I'm a loser watching an old movies. No way! Watching an old movies doesn't sound dumb, its sounds fabbo. 

Mainly is about Al-Pacino *drooling* as the college-educated son who take over his mafia family business.   Yet The Godfather is not that simple. There's a "Point" which has been made somehow more ambitious and interesting in the film. After all the terrifying, within their isolation there's such a sense of love and honor, no matter how bizarre. It plays havoc of emotions as the sweet things of life as marriage, baptism, family feast become an extricable part of the background. 

Bottom Line: It's nothing personal about this Mafias, just their way of doing business is what made their life "interesting".

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