Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh My Choco-Date

In case you didn't know, this dates are the most delicious dates that I ever taste!! It produce in Dubai and the only way I can get this date when I fly with Malaysia Airlines. During fasting month, MAS will distribute this freebies to all passenger while boarding. 

I'm not really into dates but I just can't say NO to this one. I am really, really into this dates. If you travel in business class you can get TWO pieces but for economy class they give ONLY one. 

Unfortunately, I have to travel in economy class for this trip. As I boarding, I saw the stewardess standing there and give away this date to every passenger. So I was so excited and thought maybe I can negotiate with the stewardess to get me at least two chocodates.

Well, customer always RIGHT, aren't we? This stewardess won't lose anything if she gives me more. We should be more generous in fasting month and so does this stewardess. In fact, I pay hundreds of ringgit to fly with MAS just to get one Chocodate.

Consider it as sedekah to me, so I asked her "Can I have two?" as she handed the dates to me. With every smile on her face she says "Only One, Miss". Damn! She won't get fired just because she gave me extra dates for God sake!!! 

I can't believe I say this but I turned to her and say "Kedekut! (You stingy!)" She just smiles at me politely . Now you can call me  rude but before you judge me, have a taste of this date first. You'll know how it feels like to be in my shoes then. *hides in shame* 
ONE Chocodates will never be enough. 


  1. ada hati nak 2 erk..hihi...

  2. dis blog...simple n leh jd ckgu english gue hahak..keep it up bebeh!

  3. zura: biasa lah time puasa ni nafsu lain sikit. Satu tak cukup lah.. heheh

    kamarukom: Thank you.. Boleh je nak jadi cikgu english.. Nti jangan ponteng kelas eh.. ;)

  4. you make me wanna try this date!

  5. you should try it babe. It's tasty. Its chocolate mixed with dates and nuts.

  6. Must been out of this world for you to react in such emotions.


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