Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Me

Hi everyone.. I just wanna wear something simple today.. Something more me..Anyway, I did a lil shopping the other day and reward myself with new handbag from Coach and I still owe Nisa 50 bucks. So nisa, if you read this, I'll give your 50 bucks soonest possible. :D

Stay well and wildly love yourself. 


  1. is that all your bags??? *.* envy =)

  2. Some are mines, others are my sis's. All the LV's limited edition certainly aren't mine. Don't worry. :D

  3. I wish I can also shop and treat myself to retail therapy but you know what, I need to stop buying stuffs, no more place to keep them. You keep doing what makes you happy.

  4. loves all the bag :D thank you for following!

  5. @Nava: ooh yes.. Will do.. Thanks for your support. :)
    @cik cinta: Bukan semua I punya. ;D

  6. Michelle: You got me off to the moon having you comment on my blog. What an honor.. Much appreciated!! You made my day.. *bow*


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