Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Real in Phuket

 It's far from me to tell you what to do in Phuket but there are some gems that you really should not missed out while visiting this island. And I don't mean that kind of gems that sold as jewelers. 

Phuket main area has pretty much one road going up and one road going down so it is pretty hard to get lost. This place make me broody in a moment. The sales assistant here treat me like a movie star but the truth is, I'm just a super chronic shopaholics that say "Yessss, I'll take them" to everything they display in the shop without considering how much money left in my pocket. 

Be it just a tuk-tuk's driver, the tailors or a masseuse, they are really into business mantra. They gets me annoyed! 

Phuket is great for guy. It is their "paradise". Well, if you know what I mean. The prostitute?? The truth is I've always been bit in awe of them. Glossy and confident.  It's kinda degrading for women but it's their "industry". Perhaps it must be so much more satisfying to satisfy people needs rather than produce and selling cars. 

If anyone of you get a chance to be here, just remember:

a) To ignore the tailors along Bangla Road. Just tell them you already bought a suit.
b) Genuine "fake" watches. just show them your actual GENUINE watch around your wrist and they don't normally have an answer.
c) Tom Yam is marvelous and verrrryyyy cheap. Taste it!

Other than that, it is a hell of nice place. Always more to do, more bars to drink, more women to meet, and more stories to tell. Phuket makes you want to come back. 


  1. u travel a lot gal.... envy you =)

  2. Don't envy me.. When we have something, we lost something. U have no idea how exhausted I am traveling here and there. Not to mention when you have to deal with jet lag and everything. Its like your world turn up side down. :)


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