Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I didn't realize about ME

Reading is my passion. I would read everything interesting. Some of my friend would heave a sigh on me.
"All that boring material?? You don't have life!!"

Currently I'm reading Al-Amin by A.Samad Said. All about our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.  Literally boring but the deeper I go, the more meaningful it turn out to be. It got me on my nerves. No further comment about it. Only the person who reads it will know how it feels like. You can find this book in any book store

I've been Aunty Agony, motivator, and an alarm clock prayer to my friend, Yasmin.
 According to her, I'm such a motivator but actually I don't even know if I am the right person to advise anyone not even myself. Honestly, I should eat my own advises. I'm well-said-than-done type of person. But I know there must be others like me, I can't be the only one. I'm not that special.. 

Do you know that I've been nominated by my parents for such a Drama Queen??
  My attempt to be hip and smart traumatized them. I finally put up my drama queen misery. Well, at least I guess so.

Sometimes I believe love and relationship is trapping and bothersome. Adopt a cat and read a book. That will make my life brighter. 

wonder why do the wrong and the bad have everything? Does God had forgotten me? 
But to lose hope means to lose faith. Have patience and He will grant your desire.

Till then, stay well

Top: Esprit
Skirt: Unknown brand
Headband: Evita Peroni

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